Gender Disorder Clinic

Gender Disorder Clinic in Yeshawanthpur, Bangalore

Transgender are those individuals whose sex assigned at birth (i.e., based on external genitalia) does not correlate with their gender identity (i.e., their psychological sense of gender). The psychological distress caused by incongruence between the person's gender identity and their sex at birth may be caused by "gender dysphoria" in transgender people. Visit our Gender Disorder Clinic in Yeshawanthpur, Bangalore.

Individuals born with any of the several sex characteristics, such as chromosome patterns, gonads, or genitals that do not fit the binary notions of male or female bodies, are classified as intersex. Some people are assigned and raised as one gender but later identify with another, while others continue to identify with their assigned sex.

Some individuals do not experience gender dysphoria until later in life, although it usually begins in childhood. Gender Disorder Clinic specialises in providing healthcare services to both intersex and trans individuals who identify as a different gender than the one assigned to them at birth.

It is possible to affirm one's gender identity in a variety of ways, including social affirmation (changing one's name and pronouns), legal affirmation (changing one's government documentation), medical affirmation (such as pubertal suppression or hormones that affirm one's gender identity), and/or surgery affirmation (such as vaginoplasty, facial feminisation surgery, breast augmentation, male chest reconstruction, etc.). Transgender or intersex individuals may not want all of these options since they are personal and individual decisions. 

It is important to distinguish between gender identity and gender expression. In contrast to gender identity, gender expression refers to how one presents oneself to the world. An example of a female gender expression would be a dress, while a male gender expression would be a tuxedo. One's gender expression may not always correspond to one's gender identity. 

Services offered in a gender disorder clinic

A gender disorder clinic is a type of specialist clinic providing services relating to transgender health care. This clinic provides speciality services for people with gender identity issues, including gender expansive, transgender, and non-binary identities, as well as their primary care providers. Various clinical issues can be treated here. Psychiatry, psychology and social work staff with trauma-informed mental health training and addiction expertise make up the interdisciplinary clinical team.

  • Providing training

Treatment and assessment are culturally competent for trans and gender-inclusive communities. Several PhD-level clinical psychologists, as well as social work students and psychologists from other disciplines, have been trained to provide appropriate treatment and recommendations to intersex or trans children.

  • Advisory service

Clinics also assist primary care practitioners with gender identity and expression goals. A second assessor for surgery readiness or mental health assessments for trans or inter-sex individuals. 

  • Designed for individuals

In addition to determining the individual's transition goals, one of the team members also provides diagnostic impressions about mental health and substance use. Then recommendations are made to help individuals meet their transition goals. Individuals seeking transition-related surgeries may also be offered individual treatment, group treatment, and referrals for groups, as well as recommendations for surgery funding. Book an appointment at our multi-specialty hospital today.

There are a lot of health care set tings for adolescents with gender dysphoria, including primary care. People with gender dysphoria experience distress when their gender identity and gender assigned at birth don't match. Hence, gender disorder clinics help with any form of assistance related to gender dysphoria.