Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Body Removal in Yeshawanthpur

What is Foreign Body Removal?

Foreign body removal is the elimination of foreign objects accidentally introduced into the body. Foreign objects can enter the body through the eye, ear, nose, leg, finger, foot, stomach, skin, respiratory system and other areas. The approach employed to remove the foreign body is determined by the material and its location in the body. Foreign bodies can be present if the patient has consumed or inserted anything. They can happen due to an accident.

In some situations, swallowed items can pass normally and without difficulties through the digestive system, while some individuals require some help to eliminate the foreign substance. If foreign bodies are causing discomfort or are in the eye or skin, an emergency department specialist operates to eliminate them. Visit Manipal Hospitals for Foreign Body Removal in Yeshawanthpur.

Causes of Foreign Body Introduction

When young toddlers get introduced to foreign objects out of fascination, many end up putting foreign objects in their noses, mouth or ears. Children also tend to ingest things that can become clogged in their trachea. Toddlers and young adults have the habit of gulping things in their mouths, such as nails. Pica is an object swallowing illness that can result in the ingestion of foreign objects. Pica is a behavioural condition that leads a person to consume non-nutritional things. This condition is usually seen in kids and pregnant women. Pica can be lethal if a person consumes a toxic substance, such as detergent or metal.

When Should You Seek Medical Treatment?

It is critical not to harm yourself more by trying to eliminate any foreign bodies on your own. If you are unable to remove the item using your hands or tweezers, you should seek medical attention. It is critical to avoid further harm to repair the areas impacted by a foreign body.

Here are a few examples,

  • Iron nail or pointed object on the foot

  • Magnets or batteries ingested

  • A tiny item lodged in the nose (more commonly found in children)

  • Irritation in the eye

  • The sensation of a blocked ear

  • Serious pain or bleeding

  • Infection

If you are feeling discomfort because of a foreign body or are uncertain of the reason, the patient must get medical assistance to avoid unnecessary harm. If the material causes breathing issues, go to the hospital right away.

What is the Procedure for Foreign Body Removal?

The process for eliminating a foreign body is determined by what is triggering the blockage and wherein the body is lodged. For evaluation and treatment, visit the emergency department or contact a paediatrician.

  • To evacuate a foreign body stuck in the throat and restrict the airway, a treatment known as the Heimlich manoeuvre is performed.

  • When a person is under anaesthesia in an emergency, an object trapped in the airway cannot be removed using a bronchoscope or a laryngoscope. The doctor introduces tubes into the airway to eliminate it.

  • Tracheostomy and cricothyrotomy are two therapies that can be utilised to access the airway.

  • A suction machine can be used to remove the object from the nose or ear.

  • If the patient consumes the object, the doctor removes it while the patient is under local anaesthesia.

If various techniques of removal fail, surgery is required. Additional therapy may include repairing any damage caused by the object. If the object is in the intestinal system and is harmless, such as a coin, it may pass through the faeces. Book an appointment at our multi-speciality hospital today.

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