Developmental Paediatrics in Yeshwanthpur

Developmental Paediatrics

Developmental Paediatrics in Yeshwanthpur

This speciality is devoted to helping children with special needs and developmental issues. According to a recent survey, less than 30% of developmental issues in kids are reported before they start school. Even though these kids get routine paediatric care, the early signs often remain unnoticed because of a lack of experienced paediatricians and parents who don't know. Children with developmental issues need different learning techniques, and special attention is required for children with developmental problems. Developmental Paediatrics in Yeshwanthpur is available at Manipal Hospitals, visit today.

Children's strengths and weaknesses are the focus of developmental-behavioural paediatrics. They offer counselling and treatment for kids, teens, and family members.

Developmental issues and their causes

Factors outside of the mother's control include preterm birth, distress during childbirth, and alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy.

Neurological factors are things that happen to the nervous system. They're things like nervous system infections, processing disorders, and chronic illnesses like asthma. Inherited disorders and traumatic brain injury are other factors.

How do developmental paediatricians help kids?

When your child is referred to a developmental paediatrician, the doctor will talk to you about your concerns and ask a lot of questions. This includes questions about pregnancy, birth, early development like babbling, first words, gestures, social skills (joint attention, smiling), play skills and interests, behaviour, motor skills, and overall health. You might have to fill out a questionnaire about your kid. Caregivers and teachers will also be asked for information if your child is in daycare or school. Other therapists may also provide reports (resource educator, early childhood consultant, speech therapist, psychologist, occupational therapist).

A developmental paediatrician may observe your child playing and/or ask them to participate in some play-based evaluations depending on your child's challenges. These evaluations will help the developmental paediatrician assess your child and determine their developmental needs. The evaluations usually take two or three sessions. This allows for a more balanced view of your child's skills (instead of doing it all in one setting, especially if your child is having a tough day), plus it keeps your child from getting tired. Psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other health professionals may be involved in some of these evaluations.

You'll get a summary of what you learned from your visits to the developmental paediatrician. You'll find out if your kid has any developmental problems. There are times when a diagnosis is made. If necessary, they'll refer your child to different therapies (e.g. speech or language therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy) even though many kids might have had these before or as part of the assessment. Blood work, vision, hearing, and psychological tests are sometimes needed.

Teachers, parents, daycare workers, and other care providers work closely with developmental paediatricians to develop strategies to deal with a child's different concerns. It's sometimes necessary to have a diagnosis to get extra services, like behavioural therapy. Book an appointment at our multi-speciality hospital today.

How to find a developmental-behavioural paediatrician?

Hospitals, major medical centres, clinics, private practices, rehabilitation centres, schools, and community centres are where developmental-behavioural paediatricians work.

It's common for developmental-behavioural paediatricians to work with a team of professionals. Psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, paediatricians who treat neurodevelopmental disabilities, psychiatrists for children, neurologists for kids, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, educational diagnosticians, and clinical social workers can be part of this team.

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