Spinal Tumour Surgery

Spinal Tumour Surgery treatment Hospital in Yeshwanthpur

This surgical procedure involves the partial or total removal of the spine tumour. Spinal fusion surgery can be used to rebuild and stabilise the spine. Screws or bone grafts are used to join the bones together to provide stability.

Spine tumours are abnormal tissue growths seen within the spinal column. Primary tumours, which begin in the spine, are extremely rare. They may be benign or cancerous. To differentiate between these two, you must book an appointment with a neurosurgery hospital in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore.

The majority of tumours are caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the spinal column, although others are caused by a specific disease or by radiation exposure. Most spine tumours, however, have no recognised cause and are neither contagious nor preventive.

A secondary or metastatic tumour is caused by cancer that begins in another place of the body and spreads to the spine. This is a malignant tumour, and its placement in the spine determines its classification (cervical, thoracic, lumbar or sacrum). 

Causes and symptoms of a Spine Tumour

The following cancers are the most common causes of a spine tumour:

  • Cancer of the lungs

  • Cancer of the breast

  • Cancer of the prostate

  • Cancer of the thyroid

  • Cancer of the kidney

Back discomfort that does not improve with rest is the most prevalent symptom of a spine tumour. Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Sciatica

  • Numbness

  • Partially paralysed

  • Deformity of the spine

  • Controlling the bladder is difficult.

  • Fever

Unless addressed, the symptoms of a spine tumour will develop with time.


Analgesics and steroids can be used to treat pain and oedema. Your doctor may advise you to wear a brace to improve spinal stability and reduce pain.

Treatment options may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or surgical excision of the tumour, depending on the type of spine tumour, its location, and your medical condition. If surgical excision is not an option due to the tumour's location, the doctor may use embolisation to restrict blood supply to the tumour. Manipal Hospitals are providing Spinal Tumour Surgery treatment in Yeshwanthpur, visit today to know more about treatment options.

Preparation for the Procedure

If a patient is determined to get surgery by their doctor, they must be prepared accordingly. Stop smoking if they smoke, exercise regularly to boost their recovery pace, stop using any non-essential medications and herbal treatments that may react with anaesthetics or other medications, and help the patients to be in the best possible shape for their spine surgery.

After Procedure

Radiation and chemotherapy may be used following surgery. Analgesics are pain relievers. Follow-up checkups are essential since a spine tumour might recur. The doctor will determine the frequency of the follow-up visits

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