Outpatient and In-patient neurology services

Outpatient and Inpatient Neurology Services in Yeshwanthpur

When a patient is formally admitted to a hospital for more than a day (at least 24 hours) or for a prolonged time, the patient is referred to as an inpatient. Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, provides neurology services and neurological care to both outpatient and inpatients.

What is neurology In-patient? 

This term refers to a patient admitted to the hospital to stay one night, briefly, or for an extended period per the neurology illness. Doctors keep the patients at the hospital to observe their disorders closely.

What is neurology Outpatient?

This term refers to services or treatments that don't need a patient's admittance. A regular follow-up with the neurologist is an example of outpatient care. 

Inpatient neurology services

The inpatient neurology services include doctors and nurses treating hospitalised patients with neurological diseases and illnesses. Inpatient neurology refers to site-based subspecialists devoted to delivering and enhancing inpatient neurologic treatment. 

Inpatient neurology doctors assess and cure various conditions, including acute stroke, altered mental status, seizure disorders, cancer, headaches, nervous system and neuromuscular respiratory failure. They also analyse and manage patients with critical illness, coma, polyneuropathy/myopathy, intricacies of solid-organ transplantation, or intracranial pressure.

Potential tests include:

Magnetic resonance imaging is one likely imaging examination. MRIs take photos of the interior of a patient's brain using magnetic imaging and radio waves. This might aid the neurologist in searching for oedema and other injuries.

CT or CAT scans provide comprehensive images of the inside of a patient's body by combining X-ray and computer imaging technologies. They let doctors search for any abnormalities causing the symptoms.

Neurologists proceed with the treatment after getting the test results.

Patients benefit from:

  • Increasing rates of thrombolysis for acute stroke and improved patient safety and outcomes.

  • Length of stay at the hospital reduces.

  • Stress on nursing staff services is reduced.

  • Hospital procedures and services are consistent.

Outpatient therapeutic services 

The outpatient neurology services are given by specially trained occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech pathologists to help patients on the healing journey. Patients work on regaining function and maximising freedom, starting in the rehabilitation unit and moving to outpatient rehab services. The neurology outpatient services are competent and offer thorough neurological and interdisciplinary diagnostics and therapy with meticulous counselling, supported by the best psychosocial counselling, in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The outpatient neurology doctors assess headache, febrile convulsions, epilepsy, Parkinson's' disease, stroke and mental retardation. Visit Manipal Hospitals for the best neurology treatment in Yeshwanthpur.

Patients benefit from services:

  • Neuropsychological assessment and guidance.

  • Respiratory treatment.

  • Orthotics and prosthetics.

  • Patient and family teaching.

  • Other acute injury prevention.

Depending on the patient's condition, they may need:

  • Speech therapist

They help a patient after they have had a brain stroke or injury. A speech therapist functions with the patient to aid them in recovering their ability to eat, swallow, and communicate clearly. Book an appointment at our neurology hospital in Yeshwanthpur to know more about speech therapy.

  • Physical therapist

They support a patient in managing the ache of numerous conditions. They also help recover muscle strength and balance.

  • Occupational therapist

They help patients recover or comprehend the activities they require in everyday life. For instance, they help regain the capacity to get dressed, shower, and do self-care tasks after a brain injury or stroke.

  • Pain medicine specialist

They assess the suitable therapies and medications to lessen any pain patients face after the illness.

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physician

They help patients heal from injuries and ailments, as well as patients who have chronic pain. They also organise the patient's treatment plan.

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