Whipple Surgery in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Whipple Surgery, Liver Resection, Prolapse Repair, Pouch Surgery

Whipple Procedure in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

There is a poor prognosis for pancreatic cancer among common cancers. The Whipple procedure, also known as pancreaticoduodenectomy, is a major surgical procedure used to remove cancerous tumours from the pancreas. It is also used to treat pancreatic or duodenal trauma, as well as chronic pancreatitis. The Whipple procedure, however, may extend the life of some pancreatic cancer patients. 

Because organs in the proximal gastrointestinal system share a blood supply, surgical removal of the pancreas head necessitates removal of the duodenum, proximal jejunum, gallbladder, and, in some cases, a portion of the stomach. The pancreas, bile duct, and the remaining intestine are then reconnected. Visit Manipal Hospitals for Whipple Surgery in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore.

Why is the procedure performed?

People with cancer, duodenal obstruction, or bile duct obstruction may benefit from a Whipple surgical procedure. An organ that lies behind your stomach in the upper abdomen is the pancreas, and the ducts that carry bile are closely connected to the liver. You digest food using enzymes secreted by the pancreas, particularly fat and protein. You can also manage your blood sugar with the help of hormones secreted by the pancreas.

Your doctor may recommend a Whipple surgical procedure for various health conditions like,

  • Pancreatic cancer

  • Pancreatic cysts

  • Bile duct cancer

  • Neuroendocrine tumours

  • Pancreatic tumours

  • Ampullary cancer

  • Pancreatitis

  • Small bowel cancer


Upon arrival at the hospital, you'll check in with the admission desk and register for surgery. After changing into a surgical gown, you will be ready for surgery.

Your arm is usually used to place an intravenous line (IV) before surgery. You will be injected with fluids and medications as needed during this procedure. Medications may also be administered to make you feel more relaxed if you are nervous.

Local nerve blocks to the abdominal wall may also be combined with the placement of an epidural catheter or a spinal injection. Using these techniques, you can recover from surgery with minimal pain and discomfort and reduce the amount of narcotic pain medication you need.


A team of professionals must ensure you have safe and effective surgery. Anaesthesia professionals such as anesthesiologists, anaesthetists, and surgical nurses work closely with pancreatic surgeons as part of the surgical team, and they help with general anaesthesia.

After you've fallen unconscious, additional intravenous lines may be placed with additional monitoring devices depending on the complexity of the operation. Your bladder will also be inserted with an additional tube known as a urinary catheter. During and after surgery, urine is drained through this tube. Following surgery, the sutures are typically removed within a few days.

Surgery can take between four to twelve hours, depending on the approach and complexity of the operation. You'll be asleep and unaware during the procedure, as Whipple surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

The surgeon makes an incision in your abdomen so that your internal organs can be accessed. A surgeon's approach and your particular situation determine the location and size of your incision. A Whipple procedure involves removing the gallbladder, bile duct, head of the pancreas, and small intestine (duodenum). Book an appointment at our multi-speciality hospital today.

Sometimes, a part of the stomach or nearby lymph nodes may also be removed during the Whipple procedure. The type of pancreatic operation you undergo depends on your particular situation.

After procedure

You will generally be able to digest food once your surgeon has reconnected your pancreas, stomach, and intestines.

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