Cancer Care (Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder & Bile Duct, Pancreas, GIST, Colon, and Rectal)

Gall Bladder Cancer treatment in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore

Cancer is nothing but a disease in which certain body cells develop and grow nonstop and then spread to other body parts. Cancer can begin anywhere in the human body, which is made of cells. Generally, human cells develop and multiply to make new cells as the body requires them. When cells become old or get damaged, they die, and new cells come and take their place. This process sometimes gets disrupted and damaged, or abnormal cells develop and multiply when they should not. These cells could form tumours - lumps of tissue. Tumours could be not cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant).

Various Treatments and Care for Cancer (Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder & Bile Duct, Pancreas, GIST, Colon, and Rectal)

Treatment recommendations and options are based on various factors, that includes the stage and type of cancer, side effects, the preferences of the patient, and general health. Often, a blend of treatments is used to cure and treat stomach cancer. The following are the common types of treatments for stomach cancer.

  • Surgery: Surgery is the tumour removal and also removal of some healthy surrounding tissue during an operation. The type of surgery depends on the cancer stage. For the initial stages (T1a) cancer, some doctors might suggest a non-surgical treatment termed endoscopic mucosal resection. In this process, the tumour is removed with an endoscope.

  • Radiation Therapy: In this therapy, high-energy x-rays or other particles are used to kill cancer cells. A radiation therapy schedule usually comprises a particular number of treatments arranged over a set period of time. People with cancer of the stomach, liver, and gallbladder typically receive external-beam radiation therapy, that is, radiation provided from a machine outside the body. Radiation therapy can also be given before surgery to reduce the size of the tumour or post-surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells. Looking for Gall Bladder Cancer treatment in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, visit Manipal Hospitals.

  • Therapies using medication: This treatment plan may comprise medications to kill cancer cells. Medication can be given through the bloodstream so that it can reach the cancer cells throughout the body. When a drug is administered this way, it is termed systemic therapy. Medication can also be administered locally - when the medication is applied directly to cancer or applied on a single part of the body. This treatment is usually arranged by a medical oncologist.

  • Chemotherapy: In this form of treatment, drugs are used to kill the cancer cells, usually by preventing the cancer cells from developing, dividing, and then making more cells. A schedule usually comprises a particular number of cycles for a specific period of time. A patient might receive one drug at a time or a blend of different drugs administered at the same time.

  • Targeted therapy: This treatment targets cancer's specific proteins, genes, or the tissue environment that aids in the growth of cancer and survival. This type of treatment prevents the spread and growth of cancer cells and restricts damage to healthy cells.

  • Immunotherapy: In this treatment, the body's natural defences are used to fight cancer by boosting the immune system's ability to kill cancer cells. Book an appointment today for the best treatment.

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