Insulin Pump Therapy for Diabetes

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Insulin pumps are an effective way of administering insulin into the body for the control of diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2. Insulin is the hormone that regulates the level of glucose in the blood system of an individual. Since diabetic people do not synthesize enough insulin within their bodies, they need an external dose of insulin to help regulate their blood glucose levels. An insulin pump is a small device about the size of a cell phone and is computerized for the administration of the required doses of insulin into the body. The pump may be worn in different locations listed below.

  • On the belt of the pants.’

  • In the pocket.

  • Beneath the clothes.

  • On an adhesive patch on the arm or tummy.

The outstanding convenience of insulin pumps is that they help deliver predetermined levels of insulin into the body steadily. As they are constantly attached to the body, they are very handy and convenient. Visit our Endocrinology Hospital in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore for the best treatment.

Insulin pumps are more helpful in the following situations.

  • People with severe reactions to decreased blood glucose levels.

  • Women who have diabetes and want to plan a pregnancy.

  • Individuals who experience a delay in the absorption of food into the body. 

  • Kids suffering especially from type 1 diabetes who forget to take their insulin shots.

An insulin pump as the name suggests, contains insulin which is kept ready to be inserted into the body. The insulin is pumped into the tube attached to it at the designated time and in a required proportion. The tube (cannula) is made of plastic and is flexible. It has the desired length depending upon where the pump is located and delivers the insulin into the body. The cannula is to be replaced every 2 to 3 days by an expert doctor (Endocrinologist). 

The insulin pump will insert the insulin into the body in either one of the following manners.

  • Multiple injections of insulin close to mealtimes. This is called ‘Bolus insulin’.

  • Continuous shots of insulin in lower concentrations spanned periodically over the day. This method of administration is called ‘Basal Insulin’.

The entire working of an insulin pump depends upon the level of circulating blood glucose. For this, the blood glucose levels are measured with a glucometer as many times as needed throughout the day. Some people may need a continuous blood glucometer to monitor their glucose levels to determine the concentration of insulin to be injected with the insulin pump.

The advantages of using an insulin pump are listed as follows.

  • Better levels of blood glucose in the body.

  • Consistent levels of insulin can be injected into the body. Adjustments to the insulin doses can also be made accordingly.

  • Lowered number of insulin shots.

Overall, the use of an insulin pump can help manage diabetes whether type 1 or type 2 in a better manner. Book an appointment today.

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