Tips To Ease Back To School Anxiety

Posted On Oct 04, 2021

Dr. Krithishree S S

Consultant - Psychiatry

Manipal Hospitals - Mangalore

Back to School Anxiety

With the rise in vaccination rate and reduced number of active Covid cases the pandemic restrictions are relaxing down, kids are returning to school. Going back to school after 2yrs is not easy. We do know how difficult it was to adapt and reschedule ourselves for the school reopening after the summer holidays. But this time is after months of gap these kids are getting back to school. In this gap, many children have fallen behind in their studies and also missed out on a big milestone because of the lack of peer interaction which is crucial for social skill development. So it is not only stressful on safeguarding their health by following the safety norms, but also with the task to pace up in academics and socializing issues. Apart from academics, there are multiple other aspects like making new friends, learning new skills, handling middle school body harassment if the child is opting for residential schooling dealing with away from home challenges the list goes on. 

Here are few tips to the parents to help their children in getting back to school:

  • Setting the routines: Start rescheduling the child’s biological clock of sleep, waking up, meals time according to the school days. This should start few weeks before the school stating.

  • Project the sense of confidence: The young minds might be loaded up with innumerous apprehensive thoughts, so just ease them up by talking to them one to one by reassuring them that you will help them to get them through it.

  • Encourage them to share their emotions: Make sure you spend some time on a daily basis to share their fears and help them to identify and communicate their emotions.

  • Prepare them for the possible adversities: In case of infection enable them with all the necessary information for the possible measures of quarantine and break from the school to avoid the probable mental trauma affixed to it.

  • Speak to other families: Find out from others about their back-to-school struggles and successes. Also plan a few get together with their peers to tune them and familiarize them with the school environment.

  • Reach out to the professionals for support: Talking to the child and taking steps for a smooth transition is important. But in case of any drastic change in the behaviour of the child consult with the Psychiatrist in Mangalore at the earliest.

If your children are facing back to school anxiety then visit a psychiatry hospital in Mangalore where they have the trained specialists who have experience in diagnosing and treating children.


Dr. Krithishree Somanna

Consultant Psychiatry

Manipal Hospital, Mangalore


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