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Department of Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank of this hospital is fully equipped with state of the art technology for the component separation and Apheresis procedures. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is followed at all phases of blood donor’s selection, screening and processing blood and serological processes. Standards in the techniques and quality control are meticulously maintained as laid down in the Drugs and Cosmetic Act, of the Regulatory Authority, Drugs Controller General (India), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers and WHO.


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

The departments of Blood Transfusion Services assure the supply of as safe as possible blood by carrying out all mandatory tests (VDRL, Malaria, HIV I&II, HbsAg and Hepatitis C virus) as laid down by the Drug Controller of India for licensed Blood Banks. Thus supplying safe and good quality of blood and its components to the patients and provide high-quality services. Transfusion Medicine Department operates 24×7 for collection, separation and issuing of blood components to patients mainly in house and to other surrounding nursing homes and hospitals.



What is Apheresis?

Blood has several components, including red blood cells, platelets, plasma and stem cells. Apheresis is special type of donation in which a specific component, viz. platelets, granulocytes (white cells), plasma or stem cells are withdrawn from a donor using special equipment called Cell Separator: the remaining components are returned into donor’s blood circulation. It is a very safe procedure.

What is the advantage of Apheresis?

Random Donor Platelets prepared from one unit of whole blood contains less number of platelets. For a therapeutic dose of platelets for an adult patient, 6-8 units of random donors platelets are required, while one unit of platelets prepared by apheresis is equivalent. Besides platelets prepared by apheresis are leukocytes reduced? Thus there are fewer chances of transfusion transmitted-infections and platelet refractoriness with the use of apheresis platelets.

THE APHERESIS LABORATORY is functional 24 hours, all days. It is equipped with fully automated cell separators, which are flexible to produce various components.

The various procedures undertaken include:

  1. Plateletpheresis

  2. Plasmapheresis

  3. Therapeutic Plasma exchange

Facilities & Services

Tests performed at our Blood Bank: 

Donor: Blood grouping (ABO & Rh) and Immune antibody screening

Patients: Blood Grouping and antibody screening


Direct & Indirect Antiglobulin tests

Coombs titre

Blood Components Available:

Packed red blood cell (PRBC)

Platelet concentrate (RDP)

Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)


Whole Blood

Single Donor Platelet (SDP)

Single donor Plasma

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