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Paediatric And Child Care

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Neonates and children are fragile humans undergoing a developmental stage to become a complete adults. They differ in their vitals and organ functioning capacity from adults. During the phase of growth and development, the child may come across various health hurdles that need treatment under the safe hands of a child specialist. We in Manipal Hospital Doddaballapur have the best paediatrician with the state of the art facilities to diagnose and treat all the health ailments of your precious children. Patient centricity and empathy are the core value we handle sensitive cases with much compassion and care. It is always your child, our responsibility.

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Know About Us

Why Manipal?

The centre of excellence in Paediatrics and child care in Manipal Hospital is the best in the city, with a multi-disciplinary approach and good infrastructure.

We provide a wide range of facilities from the birth of a child to complete development into an adult. It involves vaccination, orthopaedic, cardiology, nephrology, hepatology, haemato oncology, trauma, mental wellness, and many other specialities.

The holistic and compassionate approach toward the young beings accelerates the rate of healing in the positive environment of Manipal Hospital.

In Manipal Hospital we have a gamut of specialised skilled doctors to handle complicated life-threatening cases. We have the state of the art facilities on par with global standards to treat Indian and international patients.

Treatment & Procedures

Child Psychology

At Manipal Hospitals, we understand perfectly how a child’s mind functions. Our child psychologists are some of the finest in their field and have immense knowledge and the experience to make observations of each child behavior. Their focus is on children, from birth through adolescence, and to observe the characteristics at different stages of development.…

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Our immune systems have memory, immune cells called T cells and B cells produce antibodies after infection. These antibodies protect us during a subsequent attack by the same offender in the future. Vaccines are made up of viruses or bacteria that cannot make us sick, yet allow our immune systems to develop memory cells against several infections.…

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Infant Stimulation Program

As they grow, each baby has its own speed of development. While each baby’s growth and motor skills coordination may differ, there are certain parameters that are common. So, if a baby was born with certain disorders or was sick, its mental development could be hampered. Infant stimulation can help improve your baby's development of motor skills faster…

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Thalassemia Clinic

Thalassemia is a group of blood disorders that affects the body’s ability to produce haemoglobin and red blood cells naturally. Moderate and severe thalassemias are often diagnosed in childhood because symptoms usually appear during the first 2 years of a child's life.

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Paediatric Emergency services

It is natural for children to fall ill or to sustain injuries from falls when they are playing. However, when the illness or fall is a threat to their safety, they need skilled emergency care to save their life. A paediatric emergency is hence defined as a serious condition that threatens the life of an infant, child, teen, or young adult, who may…

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Paediatric Robotic assisted Urological…

Robot assisted surgery has revolutionized the medical world by proving to be the perfect assistant to surgeons. In urology, its high precision maneuverability has empowered uro surgeons to perfectly conduct complex procedures in children.

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Paediatric Robotic Assisted Surgery

The pathbreaking robot assisted technology is a boon for paediatric surgeons who perform intricate surgeries in children. The dexterity of the robotic arms allows them to reach into the deepest recesses of a child’s tiny body.

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Paediatric Non Cardiac Thoracic…

Not all chest surgeries involve the heart. Paediatric non cardiac surgery of the chest includes Esophagectomy – the removal and reconstruction of the food pipe in esophageal cancer, Lung Resection, Surgery for collapsed lung, Removal of Chest Tumours, Anti-reflux Surgery and repair of Hiatal Hernia.

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Pediatric Endocrinology

This branch of child medicine deals with the disorders of the endocrine glands which affect a child’s metabolism and growth. If your child has problems with puberty, diabetes, or other disorders related to the hormones and the glands that produce them, she or he may need to see a paediatric endocrinologist.

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Paediatric Orthopaedics

This branch of medicine deals with disorders of the bones and joint in children, and the varied treatments. Many a time, children are born with developmental disorders of the bone or deformities. Early diagnosis can foster the efficacy of early treatment too. Fractures too that can occur in growing and active children can cause lifelong limb deformities…

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Paediatric Rheumatology

Bone conditions like arthritis is not always an age-related condition. It can affect children too. This is why this sub speciality deals with the treatment of painful or non inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders in children and adolescents. These conditions include chronic joint ailments and swelling, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Onset…

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Paediatric Genital reconstructive…

This type of surgery involves the reconstruction of complex urinary and genital anomalies in children to prevent complications in their growing years. It is also done to correct genital deformities.

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Paediatric Urology

Paediatric Urology deals with congenital and acquired disorders of the genito urinary system in children. Our team of superlative urologists has profound knowledge of the contemporary trends in gender disorders and is proficient in treating the most complex of urological conditions in children.

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Paediatric Haemato-oncology

Two highly specialized subspecialities – haematology and oncology – are the domains of interest and treatment in this paediatric unit. Paediatric hematologists and oncologists diagnose, treat, and manage children and teens with the various blood disorders and cancers.

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Intramuscular Injections

An intramuscular injection is a technique used to deliver a medication deep into the muscles. This allows the medication to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. This is a short 5-minute procedure.

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Paediatric infectious diseases

Owing to the developing immune system children are uniquely susceptible to a variety of infections in the community. The manifestations are different from adults thereby requiring inputs from a paediatric infectious disease (PID) specialist A PID specialist is a paediatrician who is specialized in infectious disease and has the knowledge and skill…

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Nebulization is the process of administering medication directly to the lungs via mist inhalation with the help of a nebulizer.

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Surgery for Solid tumours in Children

Childhood is the most delicate phase of life, when a child goes through a string of health problems. Recovery can depend on the most effective mode of treatment. At Manipal Hospitals, we leave no stone unturned in offering best practices in the treatment of paediatric conditions, especially in the domain of solid tumours, so children turn out to be…

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Gender Disorder Clinic

Globally, society has become more open and accepting of the gender queer. However, when it comes to gender disorders or dysphoria, many born with it find it difficult to accept their mixed sexuality. Gender identity therapies such as those at Manipal Hospitals have emerged as a boon for those battling with gender incongruence.

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Paediatric Pulmonology

Dedicated to the treatment of respiratory problems in children, this specialized sub speciality leverages the experience of paediatric pulmonologists in determining the best line of care. Some children may be born with breathing problems while others may acquire health conditions like asthma in their growing years. Early diagnosis and treatment can…

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Paediatric Cardiology

This specialized branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart ailments in children. Children can be susceptible to a number of heart conditions. They could be genetic ones they are born with while others involve disturbances in the system that controls the heartbeat. Whichever way you look at it, they need all the care they can…

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

A newborn is at the most delicate phase of its existence where any health turn could endanger its life. This is when it needs superior care and excellence from expert neonatologists to survive this critical phase.

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Kawasaki Disease Clinic

Kawasaki Disease (KD) is most commonly seen in Asian children. It causes inflammation in the body, typically in the blood vessels and lymph nodes. It mostly affects children under the age of 5. While the symptoms usually start with a fever, the red flags are when the fever lasts for more than five days, and the child begins to have a strawberry coloured…

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Paediatric Nephrology

At our paediatric nephrology unit, we diagnose, treat, and manage children having various disorders affecting the kidney and urinary tract including kidney failure, high blood pressure, inherited kidney diseases, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and abnormalities in the urine such as blood and protein. A child is more at risk for acute kidney…

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Minimal Access Surgery

Through thoracoscopy and laparascopy, paediatric surgeons can perform the most complicated intra-abdominal or intrathoracic procedures. The miniaturization of the surgical instrumentation and improved optics such as high-resolution digital camera, telescope, and light source allow our surgeons to perform intricate operations deftly, even in babies…

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Paediatric Bronchoscopy and Airway…

Sometimes children are born with difficulty breathing through the windpipe due to various reasons such as lung infections and cancers, obstructions in the airways, and infections after other medical procedures. These may require a process called bronchoscopy to determine the cause and treat them accordingly. Some common conditions in children that…

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Paediatric Trauma

Trauma or injury is the leading cause of health complications and death in children. A child’s chances of survival depend on how fast the emergency response team in a hospital is able to resuscitate her/him and begin the emergency treatment.

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Vascular Access in children

Vascular access is frequently required in hospitalized children to diagnose and symptomatically treat certain diseases. Venous access is used in anaesthesia, resuscitation, critical care for fluid, and medication delivery. Arterial access is performed in major surgeries and critically ill children where blood pressure monitoring and blood gas sampling…

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Developmental Paediatrics

The focus of this speciality is the care of children with developmental and behavioural impairment such as learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders etc.

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Childhood Incontinence Clinic

Bedwetting is common among infants who outgrow it by the time they complete five years. However, if it continues way over that age, and it happens in the day, it could signify an underlying urinary condition called urinary incontinence. Also called enuresis, urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary emptying of the bladder.

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This specialised branch of urology involves the expert use of endoscopic and imaging tools to navigate inside the kidneys, bladder and ureter. Paediatric Endo urologists are exceptionally proficient in diagnosing and treating diseases afflicting these organs in children.

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NICU follow up clinic

When a baby is born with health issues and is kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit under the watchful eye of our specialised neonatologists, it gets all the delicate care it deserves to safe its life. For those specific babies, such as preemies (premature) with a birth weight less than 1500 grams and who need emergency treatment, or those who were…

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Clinical services offered at the…

At Manipal Hospitals we offer Clinical diagnostics and Genetic counseling for the following indications:

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Pediatric Dermatology

Children can be prone to skin ailments and infections which may seem benign but could have underlying risks. A pediatric dermatologist cares for children across all ages including newborns with skin disorders.

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Paediatric Gastroenterology

This field of healthcare deals with digestive, nutritional and liver disorders in children. Since the scope of the conditions and treatment is pretty extensive, it needs specialized medical experts to diagnose the root cause and plan an accurate line of treatment, either through medications, surgery or both.

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Paediatric Surgery

This rare speciality of surgery deals with the diseases, malformations and trauma among children from the womb to their teenage years. The paediatric surgeons’ scope of surgical prowess encompasses all conditions in this age group, particularly small children.

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Neonatologists are trained in a range of subspecialties such as Anesthesia, neurology, nephrology, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, etc. They are specialists in the critical care of premature babies.

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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

All of the ICU’s have special air handling units with HEPA filters to ensure air circulation that is free from bacteria. An active infection control team is available round the clock. Best in class gadgets for careful monitoring and management is provided for child patients.

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Foreign Body Removal

Children have a tendency to eat, swallow or inhale foreign objects which can threaten their respiratory and digestive systems. Removing foreign objects is a delicate task that requires surgical knowledge and timely intervention.

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Allergy testing

Identifying allergies early on can save a child from a lot of discomfort and danger. Allergy tests allow doctors to identify a number of common allergies. The test is done with a combination of blood, skin and dietary tests.

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Vaccines are the biological preparations that protect your child from the onset of deadly diseases. It stimulates the defence system in the body to fight against harmful microorganisms. The immunisation process starts shortly after the birth and continues at every stage of your child's development.

Always follow the recommended vaccine schedule as the delay may make the child more vulnerable to diseases. The child is capable of handling multiple vaccinations at a time, and it is not a concern to worry about.

Vaccines are very beneficial in preventing certain diseases but have minor side effects like soreness at the site of injection and very mild fever. If the discomfort continues for a longer time, consult your doctor at the earliest.

We in Manipal Hospital cover all the vaccination required for neonates and children. We prioritise the prevention of disease at the earliest and then curing at the latter stages.

Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Children exposed to microorganisms are more prone to infections. In Manipal Hospital, we have a specialised paediatrician to treat infections in children.

Children are affected by various infections like conjunctivitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, common cold, ear pain, etc. These infections are managed by using antibiotics specific to bacteria or viruses. The misuse or wrong choice of antibiotics may increase the disease condition and lead to resistance to that particular antibiotic in the future. 

Our hospital has the best infrastructure, laboratory services, and qualified Microbiologists to identify and treat the causative agent with specific antibiotics.

Our hospital has a dedicated infection control committee and documented infection control policies that aim at preventing infection in hospitalised children and ensures antibiotic stewardship - " Right antibiotic for the right illness"

Paediatric Dermatology

Newborns and children are more prone to skin disorders. Most dermatological conditions occur specifically in children and require to be treated by a paediatric dermatologist.

We in Manipal Hospital have a specialised team of empathetic paediatricians skilled in treating children in a most approachable way. We treat various skin conditions like birthmarks, moles and warts, skin infections, rashes, psoriasis, collagen vascular disorders, inherited skin disorders, and hair and nail disorders, to name a few.

We have a good infrastructure with world-class technology and laser treatment to handle complicated dermatological cases in a sophisticated manner under the safe hands of our trusted paediatricians.

Paediatric Nephrology

Children are becoming the victims of kidney disorders. Acute and chronic kidney damage affects the fluid balance in the body and retains toxins leading to severe health complications. It also affects the blood pressure, production of red blood cells, and the levels of calcium and minerals in the body. Early detection and treatment may result in life-saving conditions.

In Manipal Hospital we have a gamut of specialised paediatric nephrologists skilled to handle complicated life-threatening cases. Advanced technology like minimally invasive techniques has turned the tables in favour of successful medical outcomes.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

Bones are the framework of our body. The improper development of bones may hinder the movement affecting the active lifestyle. Early detection of disease prognosis and treatment may prevent bone deformities. The various common orthopaedic conditions in children are bow legs, flat feet, knock knees, delay in walking, brittle bone disease, and juvenile osteoporosis. 

In Manipal Hospital, we have a team of erudite paediatricians skilled in crafting the bones back to normal alignment and flexibility. They treat a spectrum of bone disorders right from birth, using advanced technology with successful outcomes.

Paediatric Emergency Care

Children differ in vitals and organ functioning capacity, which changes as they develop into an adult. A skilled and dedicated paediatrician is required to treat and handle the deliberating condition in children. Children need emergency care as they often fall while learning to walk, injury during playing, have accidental drowning in water, have difficulty breathing, upset stomach, infections, exposure to toxic substances like poisons, cleaning agents, detergents, and excessive diarrhoea or vomiting.

In Manipal Hospital paediatric emergency care we have specialised doctors and trained staff to attend the minor to complicated cases in a much more precise way. Their expeditious approach accompanied by expertise and acquired skills with vast experience has saved many lives.

Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases

The endocrine gland produces hormones responsible for the growth and development of the child. The abnormal functioning of the gland results in diabetes, thyroid issues, delayed or early growth, puberty, ambiguous genitals, and many other health complications. As the hormonal issues faced by children are completely different from that faced by adults, it requires a skilled specialist in paediatric endocrinology.

Manipal Hospital is the best child care hospital in Doddaballapur having experienced paediatric endocrinologists skilled in handling various hormonal issues the child faces during the phase of childhood and teenage. 

Developmental Paediatrics

Healthy development of the mind and body is crucial for the well-being of the child. During the process, the child may encounter various health issues delayed development of speech, motor skills, thinking ability, learning disorder, dyslexia, hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, tics, Tourette syndrome, feeding disorders, bedwetting, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, and many other conditions due to malfunctioning of organs in the body.

In Manipal Hospital we have a skilled developmental-behavioural paediatrician working in collaboration with another team of specialists like a child psychiatrist, child neurologist, neurodevelopmental disabilities paediatricians and other specialists to shape the better future of your child through advanced treatment techniques.

Paediatric Surgery

The child may face various health complications related to organs and skeletal system that requires surgeries. The surgical complications seen in children are quite different from adults. 

 Manipal Hospital is one of the best paediatric care hospital in Doddaballapur where the multidisciplinary team of paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, paediatric urologists, paediatric oncologists, and neonatologists together apply their skill and expertise to perform a spectrum of surgeries on newborns and children. Our specialists are well versed in performing complex neonatal surgeries, deformity surgeries, tumour surgery, and transplantations. The good infrastructure with world-class technology and skilled surgeons has made the surgical procedures more effective with faster recovery.

Best Pediatrician In Doddaballapur Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospitals' Advanced Children centre is supported by a well equipped microbiological and pathological lab, blood bank, radiology department, outpatient and inpatient care, and child and parent centric emergency department.

Manipal Hospitals is accredited to the National Board of Examinations and conducts three year DNB programme and fellowship in paediatrics, neonatology and paediatric infection control.

The department caters to a multitude of services like:

  • Paediatric ICU (PICU)
  • General paediatrics
  • Neonatal ICU (NICU)
  • Paediatric orthopedics
  • Paediatric neurology
  • Paediatric pulmonology
  • Paediatric rheumatology
  • Paediatrics ENT and airway
  • Paediatric ophthalmology services
  • Paediatric urology
  • Paediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery
  • Paediatric nuclear medicine
  • Paediatric interventional radiology
  • Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery
  • Thalassemia clinic & paediatric hematology-oncology,
  • Paediatric rehabilitation
  • Child and family psychology
  • Paediatric genetics
  • Paediatric orthodontics
  • Lactation services
  • Paediatric allergy
  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Metabolic services
  • Paediatric endocrinology
  • Paediatric infectious diseases
  • Developmental paediatrics
  • Child psychologists & adolescent paediatrics


After gathering general information about the patient's health, our paediatrician will review the patient's medical history, and do a complete physical examination. Then the doctor might order the necessary investigations to determine the health of your body.

Children are not small adults, an adage of paediatrics followed conscientiously at Manipal Hospitals, dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized care and nurture and is committed to building long-term partnerships with its little patients. Contact us to know more about childcare and book an appointment with one of our paediatric specialists today.


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