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Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine that focuses on the care of the musculoskeletal system. It consists of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments interconnected to facilitate smooth movement. The damage caused to any part of it may hamper the movement and cause excruciating pain. Specialists in the orthopaedics department of Manipal Hospitals are doctors and surgeons with high experience in handling such deliberating cases.

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Why Manipal?

  • Manipal hospital Doddaballapur has a wide experience in the field of orthopaedics. The department has a gamut of highly experienced doctors, surgeons, and medical staff.

  • The department with all the new-fangled technology is outstanding in its way of treatment. It has a good infrastructure with world-class technology.

  • Patient care is the utmost priority and successful complete recovery of each and every person is achieved through the dedication of the department.

  • Manipal Hospital Doddaballapur is the most trusted hospital with numerous success stories. It instils hope by recovering the patients from worst spinal cord injury to deadly tumours.

  • Manipal Hospital was awarded the best orthopaedics hospital in India in 2018- Healthcare and wellness awards.

Treatment & Procedures

Intra Articular Injection

An intra-articular injection or joint injection is a procedure used in the treatment of inflammatory joint conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The procedure may also be used to withdraw excess fluid from the joints.

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This is a surgical procedure that removes the Lamina, the rear side of the vertebrae. The surgery is also referred to as a decompression surgery and relieves pressure on the spinal cord caused by overgrowth of bone (bone spur) in the spinal canal. Laminectomies are more common among older people who are prone to developing bone spurs.

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Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure to diagnose and treat joint problems. A surgeon inserts a narrow tube with a fibre-optic video camera through a small incision and views the clear image on the monitor. The defected joints analysed are repaired through pencil-thin instruments inserted through incisions.

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Pelvis Fracture Fixation

The pelvis is a ring of bones at the base of the spine. The pelvis is the area below the abdomen and between the hip bones. The pelvic fracture can occur in people of any age group. It is common in elderly patients with fragile bones. Youngsters in sports and other activities may become the victim of pelvic fractures during accidents and falling from…

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Joint Replacement Surgery

Joints are the points where two bones meet. These points make the skeletal system more flexible and aid in the easy movement of the body, like bending, twisting, and turning. Like every other organ in the body, even bones deteriorate and lose their strength affecting normal daily activities. It can be due to age, disease, or hereditary conditions.

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Deformity Correction

Deformity correction is a surgical procedure to straighten the bones that are twisted, bent, or formed abnormally due to certain disease conditions.

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Spine Surgery

The spine is the backbone that consists of 33 small bones forming a spinal canal. This spinal canal protects the spinal cord and nerves from damage, which transmits information from your brain to the rest of your body. These tiny bones have a range of motion allowing your body to twist, turn, bend and perform several other activities. The injury or…

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Cast Removal

The removal of the cast is a very simple procedure, which takes only 15 minutes, and has no pain or side effects and will be performed by the doctor.

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This is a surgical procedure to correct misalignment in the skeleton where a bone is longer or shorter than its opposite. The misalignment is corrected by cutting or reshaping the bone to bring it back to normalcy. An osteotomy is often done as a way to delay or avoid hip or knee replacement surgery in the future.

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Pinched nerves treatment

Treatment for this condition depends on the cause and severity of nerve compression. Typically, pinched nerves are treated with physiotherapy, steroids (NSAID's corticosteroids, etc. However, in some cases, orthopedic surgery may be required to remove scar tissue or any other obstructive material that is interfering with the nerves.

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Herniated Discs Treatment

This condition is also known as a ruptured or slipped disc. It irritates nearby nerves and results in pain, weakness or numbness in the leg or arm. The treatment for herniated discs is generally reduced activity, physiotherapy and surgical repair of the disc.

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Sports Injury treatment

Advanced surgical procedures are carried out by specialists in the case of complex injuries in the muscles, bones, and ligaments that hinder the performance of professional athletes. Various techniques and specialized programs are developed to treat and avoid injuries related to sports. Specialists aim to restore complete functionality to patients…

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Good Orthopedic Hospital In Bangalore

Manipal Hospital is one of the best orthopaedic hospital in Doddaballapur having a team of highly qualified and experienced surgeons known for their skill in performing joint replacement surgeries and keyhole surgeries. They are well versed in treating fractures, bone dislocation, ligament tear, tendon injuries, strains, sprains, inflammation of bones and muscles surrounding it, ruptured or slipped discs, bone tumours, etc. The efficient team also provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation to restore the normal functioning of the skeletal system in the body. They provide complete care from the beginning of the cause to the entire recovery.

Manipal Hospital has become the center for both health and wellness with multidisciplinary orthopaedic services and ground-breaking technology needed to provide an accurate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, which have made Manipal's Orthopaedic Hospital Doddaballapur the best in the city.

best orthopedic hospital in bangalore

Facilities & Services

The spectrum of orthopaedic cases from complex life-altering trauma to different types of arthritis, limb deformity, carpal tunnel syndrome, cartilage, ligament tear of the knee, broken arm, elbow, hip, sprained ankle, sports-related injuries, and many other musculoskeletal conditions, are handled effectively. The best outcomes make Manipal Hospital Doddaballapur the best orthopaedic hospital in Bangalore.


After gathering general information about the patient's health, our orthopaedician will review the patient's medical history, and do a complete physical examination. Then the doctor might order the necessary investigations to determine the health of your body.

Yes, the birth deformities can be corrected. There are various techniques and surgeries to mold the bones back to normal.

Yes, technology is a boon, and minimally invasive surgeries have the advantage of smaller incisions on the body, less pain, minimal loss of blood and a faster rate of recovery.

Bones structure and protect our body. As we age, the bones become fragile, and every person may have to face bone-related health issues. In Manipal Hospital Doddaballapur, we have the best orthopaedics and good infrastructure with world-class technology to treat all your bone-related problems. Contact us to know more about orthopaedic problems and book an appointment with one of our orthopaedic specialists today.


Persistent pain, swelling, and stiffness that last for a longer time are the earlier signs of chronic bone disorder to consult a doctor. Accidents and injuries need immediate medical intervention. Visit Manipal Hospitals to have the best orthopaedics treatment in Bangalore.

Yes, osteoporosis (fragile bones) is common in women above 35 years and in men as they age. It cannot be cured but can be effectively treated in the safe hands of Manipal Hospital doctors. Visit Manipal Hospitals, the best orthopaedics hospital in Bangalore to have the best treatment.


Having an orthopaedic condition like arthritis, ligament tears and cubital tunnel syndrome can affect the quality of life. Manipal Hospitals has dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized care and building long-term partnerships with its patients. Contact us to know more about orthopaedic problems and book an appointment with one of our orthopaedic specialists today.

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