Cancer Robotic Assisted Surgery


Urology Robotic Assisted Surgery

Head and Neck cancer: The robotic system with a robotic endoscope is used to remove cancer from the throat, tongue, tonsils, etc through the natural openings of your body. Robotic-assisted surgery makes it easier to remove difficult-to-reach tumours that grow deep inside the mouth and neck. Other benefits include faster recovery, lesser risk of swallowing problems, no external scars, etc. Various procedures are used to treat cancers of head and neck, including: 

  • Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) is used to treat cancers of the larynx, tongue, tonsils etc. Post-surgery, you will be able to swallow normally without any obstructions. Transoral robotic surgery is the latest minimally invasive technique that is used to treat head and neck cancers. Get the Best Transoral Robotic Surgery in Delhi at Manipal hospitals.

  • Benign tumours of the pharynx and parapharyngeal space can be safely removed without the need for the tracheostomy tube (a tube is inserted into the windpipe/ trachea through a small hole created in the front of the neck to facilitate breathing).

  • Sialolithiasis: Sialendoscopy is used to remove salivary stones. The robotic-assisted procedure allows your surgeon to remove stones from the salivary ducts that are hard to reach and spare the salivary gland.

Manipal hospital is recognized as one of the Best Cancer Robotic Surgery Hospitals in Delhi for offering international standards of medical care. 

Lung cancer robotic surgery is a minimally invasive method performed with a series of small incisions that results in a quicker recovery and fewer scars.





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