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A branch of medicine known as sports medicine focuses on physical fitness, injury management, and injury prevention in sports and exercise. Healthcare professionals specialising in sports medicine are specially trained to help wounded patients regain function so they can move about as quickly as feasible. However, they also provide care for individuals who work out for personal fitness and young people who participate in sports. Sports medicine is not a distinct field of medicine. The department of sports medicine at Manipal Hospitals is well-known across the nation for providing specialist treatment in sports medicine for athletes of all ages and skill levels. They offer comprehensive sports-related treatment, including pre-participation physicals, injury evaluations, sports nutrition, athletic training, and medical therapy, with the ultimate objective of preventing, treating, and rehabilitating athletes for all needs.


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The medical staff at the Manipal Begur Clinic, has undergone extensive training to provide the best possible treatment. Our staff members are polite, competent, and equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic instruments to assess injuries of all types. The Manipal clinic in Begur, strives to reduce athletes' recovery time with efficient care. The professionals' treatments are always secure, focusing on achieving long-term performance objectives. 

Before making any recommendations, experts consider the patient's ultimate goal and thoroughly research all available treatment choices. The interdisciplinary sports medicine staff specialises in minimally invasive treatments and highly sophisticated arthroscopic techniques, particularly concerning knee, shoulder, and hip injuries. As a result, athletes receiving treatment here will recover more quickly.

Treatment & Procedures

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

The sports medicine team at Manipal Hospital provides personalized rehabilitation services and therapies for patients suffering from musculoskeletal illnesses, injuries or any other conditions. Our experts have vast experience in postsurgical joint replacement, spine care, fracture repair, and sports injury rehabilitation. We provide patients with…

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Meniscal Surgery

Meniscus surgery is a procedure to repair or remove a portion of cartilage in the knee that is torn meniscus. Each knee has two meniscuses. They are c-shaped, rubbery pads that serve as shock absorbers for knee joints. If your meniscus is injured or torn, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair it or remove the affected portion.

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Sports Injury

Sports injuries are painful and one of the easiest ways to keep a talented athlete out of the game. An acute muscular injury results when a muscle suddenly stretches above its elastic limit. This might happen in your garden or on a sports field. You don't necessarily need to see a professional trainer or doctor to treat a minimal injury. You only need…

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At Manipal Hospital, we do our best to minimize downtime of athletes with effective treatments. The treatments offered by our specialists at best sports medicine hospital in Begur are always safe, with a focus to achieve long-term performance goals. We consider the patient’s ultimate objective and study the full spectrum of treatment options before recommending anything. Our multidisciplinary sports medicine team are experts in minimally invasive procedures and highly advanced arthroscopic procedures, especially with regards to injuries of the knees, shoulders and hips. This ensures faster recovery time for athletes being treated. 

The sports medicine team at Manipal Hospital provides personalized rehabilitation services and therapies for patients suffering from musculoskeletal illnesses, injuries or any other conditions. Our experts have vast experience in postsurgical joint replacement, spine care, fracture repair and sports injury rehabilitation. We provide patients with customized treatment plans that improves their mobility and overall health.

Our rehabilitation and physical medicine specialists provide comprehensive occupational, physical and recreational therapy programs to strengthen muscle groups. This includes individual exercise programs that help the patient return to their typical daily routine, while regaining athletic performance after an injury. The musculoskeletal program at Manipal Hospital, assesses how prefabricated or custom braces, orthopedic shoes and other devices can help improve mobility and balance.

The complete musculoskeletal system is assessed and treated in an unmatched manner by the orthopaedic department at the Begur clinic, using both medicinal and surgical techniques. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals now.

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospital’s department of Sports Medicine provides care for athletic and non-athletic individuals with an aim to provide pain management and quick recovery for injuries. The sports medicine team works closely with surgeons to ensure patient’s health is put back on track through the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, along with advanced imaging techniques. We offer consultation services as well. Some of theSports Medicine services we provide are listed below: - Arthroscopy theatre with state-of-the-art instrumentations - Completely equipped rehabilitation and physio unit with specialized therapists - Keyhole surgery - Knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, small joints - Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries - Autologous chondrocyte implantation of individual’s own cultured cells (mainly for damaged cartilage) - Autologous Osteochondral Autograft - Revision surgery (for failed ligament surgeries) - Repairing of multiligamentous knee injuries and other musculoskeletal injuries - Sports rehabilitation, fitness training, splinting and braces, kinesiology


Specialists come together to conduct a complete analysis of the patient and to provide individual treatment protocols.

Yes, MSDs can be prevented if proper precautions are taken. For instance, those who need to lift heavy objects can be taught to lift using their leg strength rather than using their backs. Get the best prevention tips at the best sports medicine hospital in Begur.

There can be different reasons for the onset of MSDs but there are several diseases that can cause the same. This includes carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. To get rid of any health issues, visit the top sports medicine hospital in Begur.

The best way to steer clear of sports-related injuries and the harms of MSDs is to speak with your doctor at the leading sports medicine hospital in Begur about precautionary methods.

Yes, athletes or other working in fields that can cause similar injuries should have periodic check-ups are done to ensure they are safe from serious disorders which may arise in the future.

Several outcomes might be expected depending on the nature and severity of a sports injury. Most mild sports injuries can be treated with rest and easy healing techniques, and one can recover within a few days or weeks. Broken bones and concussions need medical attention and may take months to recover from other injuries. Get the best treatment at the finest sports medicine hospital in Begur.

An acute sports injury is caused by a force of impact that is larger than what the body can tolerate, but a chronic injury is often caused by repeatedly doing the same activity. Overuse injuries may sometimes deteriorate tissues and joints and pave the way for an acute injury. To know more, visit the sports medicine hospital in Begur.

Injuries may be avoided by using the right equipment, following a healthy rest plan, and stretching before and after activity. However, because accidents can occur, it is best practice to wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and perhaps body armour for extreme sports with a greater risk of harm. Regular exercise is advised for several sports to reduce the risk of injury. Creating a good strength and conditioning program may also aid in avoiding aches, pains, and injuries.

It's natural to have some discomfort immediately after surgery and for a few weeks. To help you manage your pain, your doctor will prescribe medication. You may perform the recovery workouts with the help of the medicines.

Most patients can use crutches to walk quickly following meniscus surgery. Many people resume their regular routines after six to eight weeks. Your physician may advise low-impact exercises over high-impact ones (such as walking rather than running). If your profession requires hard labour, you may need additional time off for recovery.

Manipal Hospitals is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalised care and building long-term partnerships with its patients. Our department of Sports Medicine and its patients are a testament to this.Contact us to know more about Sports Medicine and book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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