Intensive Care Unit Hospital in Kolkata
Intensive Care Unit Hospital in Kolkata

ICU and Critical Care

Intensive Care Unit Hospital in Kolkata

Manipal Hospitals' is one of India's leading multi-specialty healthcare providers. The ICU & Critical care department is at the core of many life saving treatments. Patients are monitored round the clock in sterile, infection safe environments by highly trained physicians, specialist nurses, respiratory therapists, counsellors and a number of specialists that are on call to assist with emergency situations

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Know About Us

Why Manipal?

The ICU & critical care units at Manipal Hospitals are staffed with a multidisciplinary team doctors that are capable of administering life saving treatment across a number of different branches of medicine. The ICU facilities are routinely sterilised to prevent patients from contracting infections. The monitoring systems are state of the art and provide the first level of diagnostic screening for patients in an emergency. In a time critical situation, the doctors at the ICU & critical care unit do a preliminary diagnosis that puts each case in the hands of a specialist who will take the treatment forward. The nursing team of the intensive care unit is specially trained to respond to an intensive care atmosphere to support patients with immediate response times

Treatment & Procedures


In some cases, when a patient's airways are restricted, an emergency tracheostomy is performed to allow a tube to go directly from a ventilator to the patient's windpipe through a precise incision on the neck. The procedure allows the patient to breathe while other diagnostic approaches and treatments are considered.

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Manipal Hospitals' intensive care units are equipped for round the clock care for a number of different scenarios where a patient needs to be continuously monitored. Patients are usually moved to the ICU from emergency wards or from the general ward if their condition is no longer considered stable. Here are some conditions that commonly require critical care:
- Heart ailments
- Lung ailments
- Drug-resistant infections
- Organ failure
- Blood infections
- Brain trauma

Intensive Care Unit in Kolkata

Facilities & Services

Critical care facilities available at Manipal Hospitals are: - Severe injury (burns, road accidents etc.) Specialist intensive care units - Coronary care unit - Surgical intensive care unit - Neonatal intensive care unit - Pediatric intensive care unit - Neurological Intensive Care Unit - Post-anesthesia care unit - High dependency unit - Psychiatric intensive care unit ICU facilities - Respirators/ventilator - Cardiac monitors (heart rate, BP) - IV drips - Sedatives & Anaesthetics (for severe pain) - Defibrillator (to restart the heart) - Emergency tracheostomy (for respiratory emergencies)

Manipal Hospitals is dedicated to providing comprehensive round the clock treatment to all of its patients. The equipment and staffing ratios at the ICU & critical care department are a reflection of this commitment to quality healthcare.

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