Best Liver Transplant Hospital in Kolkata
Best Liver Transplant Hospital in Kolkata

Liver Transplantation Surgery

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in Kolkata

Liver Transplantation Surgery specializes in replacing a diseased or damaged liver with a healthy donor liver. Expert surgeons perform this complex procedure to treat end-stage liver diseases. The focus is on restoring optimal liver function, improving the patient's quality of life, and ensuring a successful transplant outcome. Consult our surgeons if you need Liver transplantation surgery in Kolkata. At Manipal Hospitals Broadway Kolkata, the Liver Transplantation Surgery Department stands as a benchmark of expertise, specializing in intricate procedures to replace diseased livers with healthy donor organs. Exceptional liver transplant surgeons in Kolkata utilize advanced techniques, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients with end-stage liver diseases. State-of-the-art facilities support the entire transplantation process, from meticulous evaluations to successful surgeries. The department's multidisciplinary approach collaborates closely with other specialities, providing comprehensive care for patients undergoing liver transplantation. Beyond medical expertise, emphasis is placed on patient education and emotional support, guiding individuals and their families through the complexities of the transplant journey. With a commitment to research and innovation, Manipal Hospitals Broadway's Liver Transplantation Surgery Department exemplifies excellence, offering hope and transformative healthcare to the community, fostering resilience and improved quality of life for those in need of liver transplantation.

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in Kolkata


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Why Manipal?

Coming under the branch of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Manipal Hospitals Broadway's Liver transplant program is the largest of its kind in the country. The Liver transplantation program hosts a team of surgeons, doctors, nurses and other health professionals, who take care of the patient and the patient's family through the transplant process. Manipal Hospitals provide quality care focused on the individual needs of a patient. Hosting comprehensive expertise under one roof, focused on the patient makes the patient not just get one opinion but multiple opinions. Consult our liver transplant hospital if you need Liver transplantation surgery in Kolkata.

Treatment & Procedures

Whipple Procedure

A Whipple procedure (also called pancreaticoduodenectomy) is a complex, yet lifesaving surgical procedure used to treat pancreatic cancer, and other disease and disorders of the pancreas, bile duct, duodenum etc. The procedure involves the removal of the part of the pancreas(head of the pancreas), duodenum, bile duct, and sometimes portions of the…

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Best Liver Transplant Hospital in Kolkata

The liver is the largest internal organ performing several critical functions, and a liver transplant is usually referred to when it stops performing those functions because of chronic liver disease or sudden failure of a previously normal liver.

But the number of people waiting for a liver transplant exceeds the number of available donor livers. Hence, Manipal Hospitals welcomes family members or friends as they could make a good match and donate a portion of their liver. The human liver regenerates faster and returns to its original size soon after the surgery, and this makes a living-donor liver transplant the best option rather than waiting for a deceased donor liver to become available.

Best Liver Transplant Hospital in Kolkata

Facilities & Services

The liver is one of the most complex organs playing an important role in the quality of life. Liver transplantation restores a better quality of life and helps patients in living healthy. Some of the reasons why a transplant would be needed are Acute liver failure, Biliary atresia, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis (viral, autoimmune and idiopathic), Liver tumours, Metabolic diseases, Portal hypertension, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis At Manipal Hospitals, facilities are there to cater to most critical liver-related concerns

Liver transplantation, like any other organ transplantation, is the patient's choice. But a new liver is a gift of life that needs to be respected and cared for with appreciation. Contact us to learn more about Liver transplant surgery and book an appointment with one of our transplant surgeons in Kolkata today.