Paediatric Robotic assisted Urological Reconstruction in Saltlake, Kolkata

Paediatric Robotic assisted Urological Reconstruction

Paediatric Robotic Assisted Urological Reconstruction in Saltlake

Paediatric Robotic assisted Urological Reconstruction
Robot assisted surgery has revolutionized the medical world by proving to be the perfect assistant to surgeons. In urology, its high precision maneuverability has empowered uro surgeons to perfectly conduct complex procedures in children. 

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Robotic assisted surgery continues to dominate the medical sphere and at Manipal Hospitals it takes prime status too for its precision and dexterity. Our paediatric uro surgeons are internationally trained to handle common children’s urological conditions. These include upper ureteral reconstruction such as pyeloplasty (surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis to drain and decompress the kidney), ureteropelvic junction polypectomy (impaired urine flow from the pelvis into the ureter, causing dilation of the collecting system and potential renal damage) ureterocalicostomy, and high uretero-ureterostomy (end-to-end connection of the segments of the same ureter)mid-ureteral reconstruction and lower ureteral reconstruction (ureteral reimplantation and lower ureter-ureterostomy).

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