Paediatric Pulmonology treatment in Kolkata

Paediatric Pulmonology

Paediatric Pulmonology Treatment in Kolkata

Paediatric pulmonology involves the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lungs and other respiratory organs. At Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, our paediatric pulmonologists provide care to children who are born with breathing problems as well as to those who get affected with health issues like asthma in their growing years. 

Why Choose Manipal Hospital Salt Lake?

At Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, our expert paediatric pulmonologists diagnose and treat all kinds of respiratory ailments including pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, sleep apnea, wheezing and cystic fibrosis (an inherited ailment that causes mucus build-up in the brain) in children. In addition, our experts provide exclusive diagnostic services including flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FFB) and pulmonary function testing. With an FFB test, pulmonologists can look inside the patient’s lungs with a fiberoptic scope for detecting lung disorders while a pulmonary function test helps pulmonologists check the functioning of the lungs. Visit Manipal Hospitals for Paediatric Pulmonology treatment in Kolkata.

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