Paediatric Haemato-oncology in Saltlake, Kolkata

Paediatric Haemato-oncology

Paediatric Haemato Oncology in Saltlake

Paediatric Haemato-oncology
Two highly specialized subspecialities – haematology and oncology – are the domains of interest and treatment in this paediatric unit. Paediatric hematologists and oncologists diagnose, treat, and manage children and teens with the various blood disorders and cancers.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Our interdisciplinary team of exceptionally skilled paediatric haematologists – oncologists is proficient in examining and treating children with cancers and blood disorders with delicate care and compassion. Their scope of expertise extends to treating cancers including leukemias, lymphomas, brain tumours, bone tumours, and solid tumours. Among the diseases of blood cells they diagnose and treat a range of disorders of white cells, red cells, and platelets, as well as bleeding disorders. 

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