Lactation Services treatment in Kolkata

Lactation Services

Lactation Services treatment in Kolkata

Lactation services are provided to the mothers of newborn babies to help them care for their child better. These services include the services of lactation or breastfeeding consultants who provide peace of mind to the patients during a highly stressful time by addressing their concerns, answering questions, giving advice/tips/suggestions and listening to their breastfeeding problems. These consultants are highly specialized in breastfeeding and help patients with milk supply, breastfeeding positions, painful nipples and various other commonly reported nursing issues. Book an appointment for Lactation Services treatment in Kolkata.

Lactation consultants are generally needed during the initial few weeks of the baby’s life when they are still learning breastfeeding. They can help first-time patients as well as parents who have already breastfed multiple children.

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