Intramuscular Injections Hospital in Saltlake

Intramuscular Injections

Intramuscular Injections Hospital in Saltlake


  • An intramuscular injection is a technique used to deliver a medication deep into the muscles. This allows the medication to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. This is a short 5-minute procedure.

Pre Procedure:

  • You are requested to carry the doctor’s prescription, purchase the medicine from our pharmacy and come to the Pediatric Injection room.

  • In case, you are carrying your own medicine, consent will be taken from you, before administering the injection.

  • There are no specific instructions to be followed before the procedure.

During Procedure:

  • Your child will be settled comfortably in the dedicated paediatric injection room in the Paediatric Department of Paediatric Emergency, where you and your child’s privacy is respected throughout the procedure. 

  • The medicine that is being injected is shown and reconfirmed with you.

  • The site of injection is disinfected with an alcohol swab.

  • We will request you to manage and comfort the child while the nurse administers the injection.

  • Additionally, the nurse and team will also interact and distract the child with toys etc.

Post Procedure:

  • Your child will be kept under observation for 15 minutes for any reactions, in the waiting area.

  • The administered medicine is recorded with the date of administration with staff signature, in your Out Patient file.

  • You are requested to monitor/keep a watch on the injection site after going home.

  • In the case of soreness / any unusual symptoms, please contact us immediately. However, this is very rare.

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