Paronychia Nail Infection

Paronychia Nail Infection Treatment in Saltlake


  • Paronychia Nail Infection is a fungi or bacterial nail infection of the foot or the hand. It generally occurs where the skin and the nail meet at the base or side of a toe or finger nail. While chronic paronychia is most fungal and needs to be treated with antifungals, acute paronychia is generally bacterial and needs operative intervention if it doesn’t respond to antibiotics. 

Pre Procedure

  • The patient doesn’t have to follow any specific instructions before the procedure. 

During Procedure

  • This invasive procedure generally takes around 10-15 minutes depending on the severity of the infection. It is performed by a treating doctor, who is assisted by a nurse at all times.

  • The patient will be asked to sign a consent form.

  • The patient will be moved to an area where their privacy will be respected throughout the procedure.

  • Betadine solution is used for cleaning the infected area around the nails.

  • The doctor then gives local anaesthesia to the patient via an injection.

  • An incision is made by the doctor in the infected area, after which pus is drained to relieve discomfort and enable healing. The pus is collected in a pus culture swab.

  • The swab is sent to the laboratory for examination.

  • The nurse dresses the affected toe/finger nail.

Post Procedure

  • The patient may be advised antibiotics and painkillers.

  • The patient will be asked to come for dressing at regular intervals, depending on the condition of the infected site or as per the instructions of the doctor. Regular dressing enables rapid healing and prevents infections. 

  • The site of operation must be kept dry.

  • The dressing and the nail area must not be disturbed.

  • The patient is advised to contact the doctor immediately if there is excessive bleeding from the site or soakage. 

  • No dietary restrictions are required to be followed and the patient may resume their routine activities. 

  • The culture reports are shared with the patient three days post the completion of the procedure. 

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