Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment Hospital in Kolkata

Ingrown Toe Nail

Ingrown Toenail Removal in Kolkata


Ingrowing toenails occur when the corners or edges of nails grow into the skin near the nails. Compared to other fingers, the big toe is the most likely one to get an ingrowing toenail.

Pre Procedure

No specific instructions are required to be followed before the procedure.


During Procedure


  • This invasive procedure generally takes around 10-15 minutes. Ingrown toenail removal is performed by a doctor, who is assisted by a nurse.
  • The patient will be asked to sign a consent form and then moved to an area where their privacy will be respected throughout the procedure.
  • Betadine solution is used for treating the affected toenail.
  • Local anaesthesia is given to the patient via injection.
  • An incision is made by the doctor, who then removes the complete/partial nail plate. A blade is used to destroy the nail bed. 
  • The doctor then applies a clean compression bandage on the toenail.


Post Procedure


  • After the procedure, the patient will be asked to lie down and they will be kept under observation for around 10-15 minutes.
  • The patient must keep their foot in a raised position for 1 day and wear open footwear so that the toe heals properly. 
  • The incision site must be kept dry till it heals completely. 
  • The patient will have to come for dressings at regular intervals depending on the condition of the toenail or as per the instructions of the doctor. 
  • The patient may be given antibiotics and painkillers after the procedure.
  • Regular dressing enables faster healing and prevents infections.
  • In case of bleeding from the site or soakage, the patient must contact the doctor immediately. 
  • Post-procedure, there are no dietary restrictions.


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