FNAC Treatment Procedure in Kolkata

FNAC Procedure

FNAC Treatment in Saltlake, Kolkata


FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) involves the use of a thin, hollow needle for removing samples of cells from fluid or tissue in a lump or an organ. This is generally done for identifying the type of cells inside a lump found in a gland in the neck or breast like the thyroid gland. It is generally recommended for detecting cancer.

Pre Procedure

  • The patient is advised to inform the doctor if they are taking any blood-thinning medications.

During Procedure

  • The patient will be moved to an area where their privacy will be respected at all times. The patient will be given a gown for changing into. 

  • The doctor will then clean the skin where the needle will be inserted. The doctor may give a local anaesthesia in some cases to numb the area.

  • A thin, hollow needle with a syringe is gently pushed through the skin into the organ or the lump. The doctor utilises the syringe to suck some cells into the needle by gently applying pressure on the plunger. 

  • If the lump is tiny, a scanning machine is used to help move the needle to the right place. 

  • The procedure takes a few minutes. The needle will be then gently removed, after which, the doctor will apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

Post Procedure

  • The patient is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes until the site of operation heals completion. 

  • Complications rarely occur during fine needle aspirations. However, in some cases, the patients experience bleeding, bruising or soreness for a couple of days which generally goes away quickly.

  • No dietary restrictions are required to be followed after the procedure and the patient may resume their routine activities.

  • The final results may be shared after a week while the preliminary results are shared sooner. 

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Procedure in Kolkata is available at Manipal Hospital where doctors have specialized knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis, pre-operative, operative, and post-operative management.

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