ERCP Procedures in Salt lake


This procedure involves the combined use of fluoroscopy and endoscopy for diagnosing and treating disorders of the pancreatic or biliary ductal systems. 

 Pre Procedure

  • The patient should be on an empty stomach (around 6-8 hours of fasting).

  • The patient must inform the doctor about any underlying diseases or health conditions and the use of any blood thinners or antiplatelet agents.

  • Pregnant women must inform the doctor about their condition.

  • The patient will have to sign a consent form before the procedure.

  • The patient will be asked to remove dentures, contact lenses, eyeglasses, jewellery and any other object that may interfere with the procedure.

  • The patient will have to change into a hospital gown.

  • They will be shifted to a separate room where their privacy will be respected.

 During Procedure

  • The procedure generally takes around 1 hour and it is performed by a gastroenterologist who is assisted by a technician and nurse at all times. 

  • The patient will be given a mouth guard for protecting their teeth. 

  • The procedure involves the insertion of a cannula for administering IV medications and fluids. 

  • Anaesthesia will be given to the patient via injection or inhalation. 

  • The doctor will insert an endoscope (bendable, lighted tube) via the mouth into the stomach and the duodenum which is the first part of the small intestine for examining the bile and pancreatic ducts while the patient lies in the prone position or on their left side. 

 Post Procedure

  • Strict observation for 1-2 hours will be done. Throughout this period, the patient’s vital parameters will be monitored at regular intervals. 

  • In some cases, 1-day admission will be needed for observation after the procedure.

  • The patient must avoid the consumption of food and water for at least 4 to 6 Hours until their swallowing reflux gets back to normal. 

  • Slight soreness and numbness may occur in the throat. This is completely normal and will subside after a few hours.

  • Reports will be shared with the patient on the same day.


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