Colonoscopy in Salt Lake Kolkata


It is performed to detect abnormalities or changes in the rectum and the large intestine/colon.


Pre Procedure

  • The patient must consume a low fibre diet before the procedure. Additionally, they should avoid the consumption of meat, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, seafood and fruits at least a day before the test.

  • Pre-medication is generally recommended before the procedure (as per the advice of the doctor). 

  • Patients taking blood-thinning medications or having any underlying health conditions must inform the doctor immediately. 

  • The procedure usually takes around 15-20 minutes.

  • A coloprep preparation will be given to the patient before the test to facilitate the emptying of bowels. In some cases, the doctor may suggest an enema to clear the bowels.

  • The procedure will be performed by a gastroenterologist who will be assisted by a technician. 


During Procedure

  • The patient will be given a hospital gown and moved to an area where their privacy will be always respected.

  • Contact lenses, eyeglasses and dentures must be removed as these objects might interfere with the procedure.

  • The colonoscope will be inserted inside the anus and passed towards the colon via the rectum.

  • The patient may experience bloating or abdominal cramping because of pressure created from the air introduced into the colon.

  • The doctor may take small tissue samples or biopsies through the colonoscope for laboratory pathological analysis. 

  • Occasionally, there may be occurrences of a polyp or other bleeding lesions for which therapeutic procedures may be performed with the consent of family members. 


Post Procedure

  • After the completion of the procedure, the patient will be observed for 30 minutes.

  • The patient is advised to bring a companion (friend, relative or family member) with them as sedatives will be given to them during the procedure, which will affect their ability to perform routine activities, such as walking or driving. 

  • Colonoscopy is a safe procedure. However, in some cases, complications may occur, which may fuel the need for consultation with a doctor. For instance, there is a very minimal chance (1:10000) of bowel perforation (a hole in the colon wall) after colonoscopy. In such cases, the patient will have to be hospitalized for further treatment. Manipal Hospitals offers Colonoscopy in Salt Lake Kolkata performed by some of the best gastroenterologists at a minimal cost. 



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