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Smaranika Tripathy

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Secrets to Raise a Happy and Healthy Child

Posted On: Oct 17, 2022

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Children who are happy have a greater chance of becoming successful as adults. Providing the child with a happy and healthy childhood could help them prepare for success in adulthood. However, several parents are curious about how, in the modern era, this will help in raising a happy child. Providing children with temporary pleasure or instant gratification is not the key to raising a happy child. Happy children have a skill set that allows them to remain happy for the rest of their lives. These skills are developed among the children by adopting good and lifelong practices.

Raising a kid is quite challenging, and raising them in the phase when they are growing up and they need to be happy is even more challenging. There is no right way of raising a child as every parent wants to give the best upbringing to their child and help them by teaching them a good outlook on life. None of the parenting styles or approaches are developed that enable the child in the manner that they desire. The parent’s choice will determine how the child is growing and describes the parenting journey that will in turn help in deciding how the child will tend to grow. However, there are some important guidelines that you can adhere to in an effort to raise a happy child. Book an appointment at our psychology hospital in Salt Lake, Kolkata to have the best treatment.

Secrets to Raising a Happy and Healthy Child

It has become important to understand what makes the child happy if parents want to see them grow normally. Some of the secrets to raising a happy and healthy child are discussed below:

  • Happy parents raise a happy child

A child’s mental health is greatly affected by the relationship with their parents, so it is important to know that they are happy and understanding. It does not only talk about the parents’ relationship with their child, but it also talks about the happiness of the father and mother together as a couple. The parenting responsibilities should be shared so that none of the parents feels burdened. If the parents are happy among themselves, the child automatically follows the happiness.

  • Teaching children to build relationships

Nobody denies the fact that learning about relationships is important. Parents should spend time with their children to teach them how to build relationships with others. It can just start with encouraging the kids to carry out small acts of kindness to build empathy. This not only helps in building important skills and makes children better individuals, but also makes them happy.

  • Developing interesting skills

Parents should allow their children to adopt their favorite hobby and help them to get better at their desired hobby or interest. It would help the child to become dedicated and learn the fact that improvement is a slow and gradual process. Furthermore, it would keep them occupied and focused on one specific activity, instead of multitasking without concentration.

  • Expecting efforts, not perfection

Exaggerating achievements often result in providing high levels of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Applying effort should be praised rather than praising their natural capabilities. Children should never be diverted from the task of learning by concerns about how they should be carried. Consult with out top psychologist in Salt Lake, Kolkata to know more about the tips to keep your child healthy.

  • Using positive reinforcement

Parents are the first moral support for their children to know whether they are performing good or not. Positive reinforcement increases confidence and the child is happy. Hence, it is important to appreciate children whenever they do something good. But parents should not praise their children when they are wrong.

  • Teaching optimism

Teaching the children to look on the bright side. Optimism is closely related to happiness, and hence the two can be equated practically. Children who are optimistic perform better in school, work, and sports. They tend to live longer and healthier lives. These children, when they enter adulthood, are less likely to deal with depression and anxiety.

  • Teaching emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a skill and not an inborn trait. Parents often think that their children will naturally understand their emotions, which does not allow them to succeed. If children are suffering from any anger or frustration, they should be empathized with, labeled, and validated. Parents should interact with their children and assist them in identifying and understanding their feelings.

Dr. Smaranika Tripathy

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Manipal Hospitals, Salt Lake, Kolkata

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