Organ Transplantation in Mysore

Facilitate Organ retrieval and Transplantation in a Potential receipt for a new lease of life

Organ Transplantation in Mysore

Organ retrieval and transplantation is a medical procedure in which a healthy organ is removed from a donor and transplanted into a person whose organ is failing. This procedure is performed in intensive care units (ICUs) and critical care units, and it offers a potential new lease of life to patients suffering from organ failure. Manipal Hospital Mysore is considered one of the best for organ transplantation in Mysore.

Why is the Treatment Performed?

Organ retrieval and transplantation are performed to replace a failing organ with a healthy one. It is usually done as a last resort for end-stage organ failure patients whose conditions cannot be improved with other treatments. Organ transplantation can improve patient's quality of life and extend their life expectancy.


  • A diagnosis of organ failure must be made by a healthcare professional.

  • Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient will be placed on a waiting list for an organ transplant.

  • The patient's healthcare team will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if the patient is suitable for transplantation.

  • The patient's healthcare team will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when entering the ICU.


  • Once a suitable organ is found, transplantation surgery will be scheduled.

  • The patient will be given general anaesthesia for the surgery.

  • The surgical team will replace the failing organ with a healthy donor organ.

  • The surgical team will connect the blood vessels and nerves of the new organ to those of the patient's body.

  • The patient will be closely monitored in the ICU during the recovery period.

  • Medications will be administered to prevent the new organ's rejection and minimize the risk of infection.

After Procedure

  • The patient will be closely monitored in the ICU during the recovery period.

  • The patient's healthcare team will provide follow-up care as needed.

  • The patient will be educated on caring for the new organ and what to do if their symptoms worsen.

  • The patient will be discharged from the ICU once stable enough to move to a general ward.

  • The patient will continue to receive follow-up care to ensure the new organ is functioning correctly and to monitor for complications.

It's important to note that organ transplantation is a complex and demanding procedure that requires a team of highly trained organ transplant specialist in Mysore. It also requires careful matching of the donor and recipient to minimise the risk of rejection and to ensure the best possible outcome. Organ donation is a noble act and can bring new hope to those suffering from organ failure.

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