Hernia Treatment in Mysore


Hernia Treatment in Mysore

A hernia is when an internal organ or fatty tissue protrudes through a weak spot in your tissue or muscle, mostly occurring within the abdominal cavity, between the chest and hips. Hernia can be caused by a combination of pressure and weakness of muscle. Weakness may be congenital or occur later in life. Obesity, constipation, poor nutrition, alcohol abuse and smoking are the main causes of hernia. 

Common hernia types 

  • Inguinal Hernia 

This is the most common hernia type seen in more men than women, with fatty tissue poking into the groin at the top of the inner thigh. 

  • Femoral Hernia 

 Less common than inguinal Hernia and is mainly seen in older women. 

  • Hiatal Hernia 

 Here stomach pushes into the chest area through an opening in the diaphragm. 

  • Umbilical Hernia 

 Fatty tissue pokes through the belly button. 

  • Other Hernia Types 

 Incisional, Epigastric, Diaphragmatic and Spigelian hernia are other hernia types. 


With no major discomfort symptoms, abdominal pain can result in serious complications. A lump or bulge may form in the abdominal and groin area. Other common hernia symptoms are as follows: 

  • Pain while lifting 

  • Increase in hernia bulge over time 

  • Increased pain in the bulge area 

  • Bulge in scrotum 

  • Dull aching sensation 

  • Signs of bowel obstruction 

Visit our general surgery hospital in Mysore if you are experiencing above-mentioned symptoms.


CT scan is mostly preferred for soft-tissue imaging tests to diagnose a hernia. Physical exams are conducted where any bulges or lumps are detected. 

Surgical Treatment 

Your surgeon will suggest the best treatment option out of the various surgical treatments based on your medical history, present medical condition, and other factors. Hernia surgery is only recommended necessary to repair a hernia. Types of hernia surgery types are aas follows: 

  • Open Surgery

 A traditional hernia surgery is where a cut is made to set back protruding tissue in place. A mesh can be implanted to provide extra support. 

  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

The advanced hernia surgical repair where tiny incisions instead of cuts are made to perform the procedure. This surgical procedure provides faster healing and recovery time. Manipal Hospitals provides the best laparoscopic hernia surgery in Mysore city. 

  • Robotic Hernia Repair

Similar to the above laparoscopic surgery, robotic hernia repair is controlled and performed by a surgeon using robotic technology. 


Complications like obstruction and strangulation can occur if the hernia is not treated correctly. Umbilical hernia in infants can sometimes disappear on its own. An untreated hernia can cause life-threatening complications. Book an appointment to have the best treatment.


A healthy lifestyle and well-balanced along with these prevention steps are useful against hernia: 

  • Opting for regular medical care and health check-ups

  • Avoiding building-up of pressure in the hernia area 

  • Using correct form and posture while lifting weights, gym or exercises

  • Avoiding smoking as it may trigger hernia through cough

  • Consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to improve nutritional intake and avoid constipation

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