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Dr. Pradeep Rajanna

Consultant - Emergency Medicine

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First Aid For Trauma - External Bleeding: What To Do And Not To Do

Posted On: Jul 19, 2023

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First Aid for Trauma and External Bleeding

Medical emergencies come anytime, anywhere. The time between emergencies & arrival of medical help is critical. The key begins with staying calm & giving first aid for external bleeding before help arrives. There are some must-knows and Don’ts in common emergencies.

Trauma - External Bleeding: What is it?

Trauma refers to an injury caused by an external source. It can also be described as a physical wound or injury, such as a fracture or blow.

What to Do If Trauma-External Bleeding Occurs?

  1. Ensure scene safety

  2. Compression over the bleeding site with clean dressing material or cloth. If bleeding does not stop add a second dressing on top of the first one

  3. Look for consciousness and breathing

  4. Seek medical help.

What Not to Do If Trauma - External Bleeding

  • Remove previously applied dressing in case of continued bleed.

Alarming Facts For Trauma - External Bleeding

  • There is one death every 4 minutes in India due to road accidents.

  • A person suffers a brain stroke every 4 minutes.

  • A person dies every 33 seconds due to a heart attack in India.

Over 70,000 lives can be potentially saved if bystanders come forward to help.

Lend A Helping Hand With The Law By Your Side

As per the Good Samaritan Law -

  • You will not be liable for any civil or criminal action for any injury or death of the victim.

  • If you inform the police or emergency service regarding an injured person you can not be compelled to reveal your details.

  • There is the provision of disciplinary action against public officials who coerce Good Samaritan to reveal personal details.

To get the fastest response for any medical emergency Call 821-255-5000

  • 24x7 Central Emergency Response Centre

  • Advanced life support ambulance

  • Multidisciplinary team for heart attack, brain stroke, trauma, and other medical emergencies and emergency specialist doctor in Mysore.

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