Pediatric Pulmonologist in Millers Road

Paediatric Pulmonology

Pediatric Pulmonologist

Paediatric Pulmonology
Dedicated to the treatment of respiratory problems in children, this specialized sub speciality leverages the experience of paediatric pulmonologists in determining the best line of care. Some children may be born with breathing problems while others may acquire health conditions like asthma in their growing years. Early diagnosis and treatment can be the best possible care.

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It can be disturbing for parents to wake up from sleep to see their child gasping for breath without any previous history of the ailment. Some pulmonary conditions can spring up overnight without reason, or in some children, it could be hereditary. Whatever the cause, these children need emergency assistance to get them breathing normally. Our competent paediatric pulmonologists are the best in the class and trained to handle respiratory ailments in children. Some of the common respiratory issues in babies and children include asthma, pneumonia, wheezing, bronchitis, sleep apnea in babies where they forget to breathe, and cystic fibrosis, an inherited condition that causes the build-up of mucus in the brain.
Our exclusive diagnostic services include pulmonary function testing and flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FFB). Pulmonary function testing is a non-invasive test that reveals how well the lungs are working.  An FFB allows pulmonologists to look inside the lungs with a fiberoptic scope to check for lung disorders.   

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