Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore
Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore

Liver Transplantation Surgery

Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore

The liver is one of the most complex organs playing an important role in the quality of life. A liver transplant is a surgical procedure to remove a diseased or damaged liver and replace it with a healthy one. Transplantation is recommended when the liver is completely damaged and cannot function anymore. The stage where the liver stops working efficiently is called acute liver failure or end-stage liver disease. Liver damage can result from multiple reasons. Some include chronic illness, infection, or excessive alcohol consumption. Due to inflammation, liver tissue damage increases and liver failure can happen suddenly. Consult our Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore for treatment and care for liver issues.

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Know About Us

Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals Millers Road has a dedicated Liver Transplant Program that boasts a team of expert Hepatologists, Liver Transplant Specialists and Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Nurses, who take care of the patient and the patient's family through the transplant process. Our team strives to deliver the best healthcare to every individual by providing the highest calibre treatments.

Manipal Hospitals provide quality care focused on the individual needs of a patient. Hosting comprehensive expertise under one roof, focused on the patient makes the patient not just get one opinion but multiple opinions. 

Consult the liver transplant surgeons at our Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore if you liver transplant services. 

Treatment & Procedures

Split Donation Liver Transplant

In split donation, the liver is collected from a recently deceased person. This is only possible when the recipients are an adult and a child. In such cases, the donated liver is split into two parts - the left and right lobes. The adult is given a larger right portion of the liver and the child is given a smaller left portion of the liver.

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Deceased Donor Liver Transplant

Deceased donor transplant refers to the type where the liver is removed from a recently died patient. Here, the surgeon removes the liver from the patient and replaces it with the donors. The transplant surgery may take about 6 - 12 hours depending on each patient’s case.

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Living Donor Liver Transplant

A living donor transplant is when the donor (who is mostly a family member/relative) donates part of his/her liver to the patient. Here, the surgeon first operates on the donor and extracts part of a healthy donor's liver. Then, the liver transplant surgery on the patient begins where the damaged liver is removed and replaced with the part of the liver…

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Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore

When Do You Need A Liver Transplantation?

The liver is the largest internal organ performing several critical functions, and a liver transplant is usually referred to when it stops performing those functions because of chronic liver disease or sudden failure of a previously normal liver.

Some of the conditions which may warrant a liver transplant are:

  • Acute liver failure

  • Biliary atresia

  • Cirrhosis

  • Hepatitis (viral, autoimmune, and idiopathic)

  • Liver tumours 

  • Metabolic diseases

  • Portal hypertension

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis

  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis

At Manipal Hospitals, facilities are there to cater to the most critical liver-related concerns.

Best Hospital for Liver Transplant in Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospital Millers Road houses a dedicated liver transplant facility offering facilities and services that are on par with international standards. 

Our facilities include:

  • Availability of the latest technologies and expertise

  • State-of-the-art diagnostics

  • World-class infrastructure 

  • ICU care post-surgery

  • Post-transplant care

  • Tie-ups with organ procurement organizations 

  • Infection control protocols


A liver transplant can have excellent outcomes. Recipients have been known to live a normal life over 30 years after the operation. Looking for liver transplantation surgery in Bangalore, visit Manipal Hospitals.

In a living donor liver transplant, a portion of the liver is removed from a healthy donor and implanted into a recipient. 

In a deceased donor liver transplant, the liver is removed from a deceased person and implanted into a recipient. 

This question has no definitive answer. Individuals may only have to wait a few days or weeks before obtaining a donor organ.

Each transplant unit has its own set of rules for waiting on the transplant list and being notified when a donor organ becomes available. You are likely to be alerted via call/text/email when an organ becomes available.

A healthy liver extracted from a deceased donor is split into right and left portions. These two halves are implanted into two recipients simultaneously.

Looking for the best hospital for liver transplant in Bangalore? Manipal Hospitals offers world-class liver transplant services with expert surgeons, advanced technology, and comprehensive patient care.