Joint Replacement in Bangalore

Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement in Bangalore

Joint Replacement in Bangalore is for patients with excruciating joint pain and reduced mobility. It involves removing damaged parts of a joint and replacing them with artificial components. These are known as prostheses.

Prostheses are designed to replicate the movement of a healthy, natural joint. Replacement of nearly all joints is possible, but knee and hip replacements are the most common. Advancements in medical technology have made shoulder, ankle, and even finger joint replacements possible. If you experience any pain or restricted mobility due to your knee joints, our best joint replacement surgeons at Manipal Hospitals Millers Road, Bangalore are right here to help you out with your diagnosis and accurate treatment for your joint condition.

Before the Procedure

Preparation for joint replacement starts weeks or months before the actual surgery date. 

  • Medical evaluation 

  • Blood tests and imaging studies to see and evaluate the extent of joint damage.

  • Adjustments in current medications.

  • Recommendations for pre-operative exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles.

During the Procedure

The surgery lasts a few hours. The time taken depends on the joint being replaced. The complexity of the patient's condition also plays a role in joint replacement surgeries. 

  1. Patients are unconscious due to GA. Regional anaesthesia, which numbs only a region of the body, can also be used.

  2. The surgeon makes an incision over the affected joint to access the damaged bone and cartilage. 

  3. Arthroscopy and debridement are done by surgeons in which the damaged parts of the joint are removed. Then, an artificial prosthesis is placed. This placement can be done either by cementing into place or by designing to fit the space to encourage bone growth into the implant.

  4. The incision is closed with sutures or staples and the area is bandaged.

After the Procedure

Pain medicines are given in the initial days after the joint replacement surgery to alleviate pain and any discomfort.

  • A few days of hospital stay.

  • Patients begin physical therapy to aid in recovery.

  • Continued physical therapy after discharge, focusing on improving joint function and strength.

  • Gradual return to daily activities, with complete recovery taking 6-9 months.

Advantages of Joint Replacement Surgery include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Mobility
  • Enhanced Quality of Life

Visit Manipal Hospitals Millers Road - Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital, Bangalore if you require surgical intervention for your joint issues.