Hip & Knee Replacement surgery in Bangalore

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Hip & Knee Replacement surgery in Bangalore

Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore, as the name suggests, is performed to replace a damaged hip or knee joint with an artificial one known as a prosthesis. In knee replacement, both the femur and tibia surfaces are replaced. In hip replacement, the damaged ball and socket joint are replaced by artificial components, thus relieving pain and restoring mobility.

Sometimes, conditions affecting bones and joints, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or traumatic injury, can cause irreparable damage to joints. Medications, physical therapy, and arthroscopy of the knee and hip can help repair the affected area. But if the joint is damaged to the point that no conservative treatment will work, replacement of the knee and hip joint is the last option to relieve the unbearable pain in the patient and restore their mobility. The prostheses used may need a second replacement in the future, especially in younger, more active patients.

Before the Procedure

  • Medical history, physical examination, and imaging tests (X-rays, MRI) to assess the extent of joint damage.

  • Patients may undergo pre-surgical physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the joint.

  • Patient Education includes discussing the risks, benefits, expected outcomes, and the importance of post-operative rehabilitation.

During the Procedure

  • Surgeons make an incision to access the joint, remove the damaged parts, and carefully fit the prosthetic components.

  • Performed under general or spinal anaesthesia to ensure patient comfort.

  • The surgery typically lasts a few hours, depending on the complexity and whether one or both joints require to be replaced.

After the Procedure

  • Immediate Care is provided by our medical staff and doctors at Manipal Hospitals. This quick approach lessens post-surgery pain stops infection and cuts down the risk of blood clots. 

  • Our team at Manipal Hospitals Millers Road, Bangalore, understands that recovery and rehabilitation are unique to each person. We are patient and right by the side of our patients, guiding them through their recovery journey. Starting with gentle movement and support-bearing exercises. These strengthen the joint and help get back mobility.

  • At Manipal Hospitals Millers Road, Bangalore, we prioritise our patients and their well-being. Regular follow-ups are planned with the surgeon in charge. He will check the prosthesis and joint function. Patients will be given guidance on which activities they should avoid and which they should do. This will help make the joint replacement last longer and keep the joint healthy.