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Cryotherapy Hospitals

Advanced medical technology has revolutionized the healthcare world by making surgeries easier to perform and more comfortable for patients. Cryosurgery is one of them. Also called cryotherapy, it is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen or argon gas to destroy abnormal tissue.

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Cryosurgery is used to treat external tumors, such as those on the skin. This unique treatment technology is also extended to treat tumors inside the body and in the bone. For internal tumors, liquid nitrogen or argon gas is circulated through a hollow instrument called a cryoprobe, which is placed in contact with the tumor. At Manipal Hospitals, we offer state of the art cryosurgery facilities where the gynaecologist uses ultrasound or MRI to guide the cryoprobe and monitor the freezing of the cells, thus limiting damage to nearby healthy tissue. 

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