Laser Ablation and Cord Coagulation in Twin to Twin transfusion Syndrome

Laser Ablation And Cord Coagulation In Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Laser Ablation and Cord Coagulation in Twin-to- Twin transfusion Syndrome
The most common procedure to treat TTTS is reduction amniocentesis. This procedure involves draining the amniotic fluid from around the recipient twin. This procedure may improve circulation in the donor twin especially if the anastomosis or cross connection is superficial in the placenta and the TTTS is at a lower stage. 

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Twins are a double delight, but sometimes, they can pose double trouble during pregnancy and this procedure may need to be performed multiple times during the pregnancy.

Fetoscopic laser photocoagulation of chorionic plate vessels is a highly specialized procedure performed in a few centers around the world and we take pride in having the expertise and state of the art testing equipment to conduct it. This is mostly reserved for more severe cases, especially those that do not respond to amnio-reduction.