Mr. Niranjan Acharya | Dr. Srikanth | Reconstructive Surgery | Manipal Hospitals India

Mr. Niranjan Acharya from West Bengal was shocked when he was diagnosed with cancer that seemed incurable. Dr. Srikanth, Consultant, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, and team administered the right treatment at Manipal Hospitals, Jayanagar. Mr. Acharya experienced pain and swelling in his lower gums and teeth, leading to advanced cancer in the oral cavity. Post removal of the cancerous cells in his mouth, tongue and neck, the challenge for Dr. Srikanth and the team was in his reconstructive surgery. Mr. Acharya's skin, bone and blood vessels from his leg was refashioned and constructed in his mouth. This was successfully done with the help of micro-surgery. He was then ready for Radiotherapy and a year since then, he is completely cured of cancer, with a new lease of life.

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