Manipal Ambulance Response Services (MARS)

Manipal Ambulance Response Services (MARS), provides 360-degree pre-hospital care during the golden hour in critical emergencies. Manipal has one of the largest fleets of ambulances in different cities. These Ambulances come with critical life-saving equipment like ventilators/defibrillators, monitors, inbuilt ECG machines/syringe pumps and other equipment which helps to monitor critical patients. 



The first hour following an emergency is called the golden hour. The earlier the patient reaches the hospital the better are the chances for any treatment to be effective. Beyond the first hour, the body’s compensatory response starts to fail and resuscitating the patient becomes more difficult. When an emergency call comes to the command center, an emergency response officer understands the type of emergency and the location of the patient to deploy the nearest ambulance. If it's a critical emergency the same call will be transferred to the doctor working in the ER 24x7 to understand the clinical condition and based on which an ambulance will be assigned.



Basic Life Support(BLS) certified Emergency team gives the first aid and stabilizes the patient in the ambulance. There is also a central monitoring system to relay LIVE information about the patient's condition directly to an ALS (Advanced Life Support) trained emergency response centre physician. The patient is stabilized in the ambulance itself and gets the required care for he/she reaches the hospital. The ambulances take the critically ill patients to the nearest emergency facility. Manipal Emergency Department has been efficiently treating emergency patients for the past twenty-five years.

One of the key reasons for failure following a medical emergency is because the patient was deprived of timely and quality medical assistance. Improper diagnosis and inadequate emergency treatment could turn out to be fatal. One should reach out for professional assistance immediately during an emergency