Airway Stenting- Silicon & Airway Stenting - Metal

Interventional Pulmonology Hospital in Vijayawada

Airway stenting is performed for treating obstructing lesions of the central airways (called the trachea), the bronchus intermedius and the main bronchi. Stenting is recommended when there is persistent symptomatic airway narrowing after various other interventions, such as core-out or dilatation, usually when the affected airway’s diameter remains less than 50% of the normal. This procedure is also recommended when central airway narrowing is diagnosed and external beam radiation treatment of central airway is planned for preventing anticipated more airway narrowing. Visit our Interventional Pulmonology Hospital in Vijayawada for the best treatment.

Airway Stenting- Silicon

Tracheobronchial stenting for benign tracheal stenosis and bronchial stenosis.

Airway Stenting- Metal

Airway stenosis due to malignant airway obstruction, tracheoesophageal fistulas.

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