Plastic Surgery Hospitals In Vijayawada


Plastic Surgery Hospitals In Vijayawada


Dressing means the material applied, or the application itself of material, to a wound for protection, healing, absorbance. The procedure includes cleaning, disinfection and protection of the wound, which has a significant impact on the speed of healing, the function of the repaired skin and the cosmetic appearance of the resulting scar.

Pre Procedure:

  • You must wear comfortable loose clothing to keep the dressing site friction-free and for ease of performing the procedure.

During Procedure:

  • The procedure is done in a treatment room specially assigned for dressings. 

  • You are settled comfortably in an area where your privacy is respected throughout the procedure.

  • If it’s your first session, the procedure is explained to you and your co-operation is obtained.

  • A doctor will evaluate the wound and decide on a suitable dressing type.

  • The nurse disinfects her hand with an alcohol-based hand rub. The wound site is cleaned with surface disinfectant/antiseptic. A septic dressing material used to cover the wound site and secured with adhesive tape or bandage. Visit Manipal for Best Care for Dressing in Vijayawada.

  • The entire process takes not more than 15 to 20 mins, depending on the wound.

  • Dressings are typically changed once a day or every alternate day to avoid disturbing the wound healing environment. A Tegaderm dressing is usually changed at an interval of every 3 days. Hence, your next appointment can be pre-scheduled with the nurse to avoid delays. 

Post Procedure:

  • The wound is to be kept dry and not wetted. The patient is advised to stick to sponge bathing till the wound has healed.

  • Loose clothing is to be worn so as not to disturb the dressing and the wound.

  • There are no dietary restrictions, post-procedure. Best Plastic Surgery is available at Manipal, visit today.

  • In case you observe soakage or bleeding from the wound site, contact your doctor immediately.

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