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Importance Of Preventive Health Check-ups

Posted On: Jun 06, 2023

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As the old adage goes, "A stitch in time saves nine!" This is the simplest approach to understanding the significance of preventive health check-ups. It is designed as a set of medical tests with the goal of detecting illnesses and disease prevention measures in real-time.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "physical, mental, and social well-being," not merely the absence of disease and disability. Physical health is important in one's life, yet our contemporary way of living is so filled with fragile habits and inactive routines that staying disease-free is an ultimate effort. Therefore, medical practitioners emphasise the necessity of preventive health check-ups for the best possible chance of early disease detection by a general physician in Vijayawada and the avoidance of medical consequences.

A preventative health check-up service reduces the risk of illness by assisting in the early detection of the condition. As a result, early detection and treatment of any disease are significantly more successful. Furthermore, early detection helps to keep treatment costs low because many therapies can be pursued using oral drugs rather than surgery and operations.

Why are Preventive Health Check-ups Important?

Preventive health check-up clinics can help uncover issues before they start to significantly affect our well-being. Typically, we only go to the doctor when something is seriously wrong. Several diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, and others, are quiet in nature and have become more prevalent recently due to the usual urban lifestyle followed by the majority of the population. They have an internal impact on the body and gradually deteriorate health. It requires pathological screening, which needs to be diagnosed at the appropriate time.

Preventive health check-ups assist in lowering the financial burden by preventing the need for costly treatment at a critical stage by detecting the disease at an early stage. So, the secret to a healthier life is regular preventive medical or health exams.

Benefits of Preventive Health Check-ups

Making our lives healthier and better requires regular preventive health check-ups. Some of the benefits include:

  • Timely Detection

They offer early disease detection, which can prevent serious future suffering. They also help in determining how frequently an individual gets sick.

  • Keeping Track of Our Health

One can actively participate in their health care by getting regular check-ups. They provide important and moral health education while assisting you in staying current and equipped with the most recent medical information and technologies.

  • Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Preventive health check-ups encourage healthy lifestyle choices, which in turn promote longevity.

  • Helps Keep Medical Expenses Under Control

Preventive health check-ups can significantly reduce unexpected and sudden medical costs. Early disease detection is important for managing a health condition. A delayed diagnosis may necessitate costly therapy or be fatal.

  • Quick Accessibility and Less Time Consumption

Preventive health check-up programmes take less time to complete, especially on-site, motivating more employees to participate. In contrast, programmes that demand 3–4 hours rarely succeed in engaging even 30% of employees. As these programmes are easily accessible on-site, it is simpler for the senior management team to participate in them, which encourages junior staff to do the same.

  • Triggers other Healthy Programmes

Preventive health check-ups provide health assessments that concentrate on the implications or hazards one may experience in the future. With the help of this health evaluation, a consulting physician or a paramedic can advise the employee on the best lifestyle changes he or she can make based on their current health condition. Programmes geared towards a nutrient-rich diet, physical activity or yoga, the enhancement of mental health, etc. Also, preventive health check-ups may even enable on-site physicians and employers to examine each person's health and set goals or at a general medicine hospital in Vijayawada that launches programmes to improve their health profiles.

  • Deduction in the Income Tax Return

The costs of preventative health check-ups are deductible in the tax returns, in addition to the health insurance premiums. Individuals may deduct up to 5,000 as a sublimit from the total they can deduct from their taxes in accordance with Section 80D. One should always keep in mind that tax laws are subject to change.

  • Better Organisational Efficiency

  • Preventive health examinations typically act as a wake-up call and motivate people to take care of themselves. Organisations can use it to develop a knowledgeable and healthy staff base, leading to increased productivity and improved job outcomes.

Who is Recommended to Undergo Preventive Health Check-ups?

Everyone over the age of 30 should ideally choose to go for preventive health check-ups. As one age, different medical conditions may occur, either because of lifestyle factors or a family's medical history. All insured beneficiaries can have a check-up by using the preventive health check-up benefit of their family health insurance plan. Also, those with diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, and obesity must ensure periodic checks at least once a year to be informed of changing health conditions and potential scenarios requiring quick medical attention.

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