Solutions in anal incontinence and recto vaginal fistulas surgery

Solutions in anal incontinence and recto-vaginal fistulas surgery

Sphincteroplasty is a surgery to repair a damaged or weakened anal sphincter. The damaged muscle is removed by the surgeon who then overlaps the muscle edges and sews them back together to provide support to the muscles and tighten the sphincter.

Surgery to close a fistula may be done by gynecology and colorectal surgeons jointly. Surgical options include sewing an anal fistula plug or patch of biologic tissue into the fistula to allow your tissue to grow into the patch and heal the fistula. Using a tissue graft taken from a nearby part of your body or folding a flap of healthy tissue over the fistula opening. Consult with the team of top doctors in Salem to know more.

Complexities in anal incontinence and recto-vaginal fistulas surgery

The most common acute complications include bleeding, infection, and urinary retention.

Number of cases

Though rare, we have treated more than 3 lakh anal incontinence and recto-vaginal fistulas cases. It has made Manipal the top hospital in Salem.

Infection control protocol

These fairly rare surgeries come with their share of infections. Hence, our infection control protocols are admirable in their functions. After all, patient comfort tops our priority list. 

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