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About Us

'Pledge To Donate' is an initiative supported by the Manipal Hospitals to encourage people to pledge their organs and save lives. We want to ensure that the patients, who are in need of an organ, can undergo an early transplant instead of waiting long and without worsening the condition. With respect to organ donation, we have only one mission: to maximize the organ and tissue transplantation with state-of-the-art programs and services towards helping people start their new life - healthy life. To make this happen, all we need is your support. To be a donor, register yourself and also ask your friends and family members to help us, in making the world a better place for everyone.

One Donor can save up to Eight lives

More than thousands of people are on the waiting list for organ transplant. A lot more people get enrolled every day in the waiting list for a transplant. Many people are suffering from incurable diseases which can only be treated with transplantation.

The unfortunate thing is that even after getting enrolled onto the waiting list for organ transplant, many patients are dying due to lack of Transplantable organs. This is because of lack of awareness and universal medium, towards donating organs. So we have initiated this program not only to encourage people to donate organs, towards saving lives, but also to spread awareness about organ donation and its importance.

Pledge your organ today because one donor can save up to 8 lives. Register today and become a donor

Pledge to Donate Organs


Number of Pledges taken till now

Invite your friends to take a pledge today.

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