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Spine Infections

Spine infections are caused by bacteria, virus or fungi that enter the bloodstream and infect the spine. These can enter the blood stream via unsterilized needles. They can also be travelling infections that are spread by some other part of the body that is infected. Another rare reason could be that infection caused by a surgery in the pelvic region.

Symptoms of spinal infections are not easy to recognize because by the time there are significant symptoms, the damage caused would be of a very high scale. The advanced spinal infection symptoms include localized tenderness and pain in neck and back areas. Infection may cause fever, chills and sever e pain in the back during night. It may hurt every time one changes their position while sleeping. The infection spreads to the spine and this may also affect the spinal cord. This may cause tingling sensation, numbness or pain.

Treatments to Spinal Infections depend on the stage of infection. Most infections are treated by intravenous antibiotic injections. Also, the spine is given support by brace. This helps the spine to be stable as the infection heals. A Surgery is recommended in advanced stages of infections which cannot be cured by antibiotics. In some cases, the infection may affect nerves and may need surgery. The surgery is performed with the objective to remove the infected tissues. If there is any bone deformity/ compression that are blocking the blood supply to the spine, it is surgically removed. This ensures a better blood flow and post-surgery better healing. In rare cases, the infection may lead to sepsis and this makes it necessary for a surgery in order to remove the affected tissue.

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