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Newborns who suffer from metabolic diseases need early detection and management for optimal neurological outcome. In Manipal Hospitals, we provide the following services for these neonates:

  • Newborn Metabolic Screening programme: We routinely screen babies for the following diseases: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Galactosemia, Phenylketonuria, Fatty Acid Oxidation defects, Aminioacid metabolic disorders, Organic Academia, Glucose 6 Phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
  • We have facility to do Tandem mass spectrometry
  • Our Genetics Department is equipped with latest equipments to diagnose and treat rare genetic diseases
  • We have facilities for antenatal diagnosis of genetic and metabolic disorders
  • We have collaborative relation with Metabolic specialists for lifelong treatment of metabolic disorders
  • These neonates often become very sick with multi-organ dysfunction, which can be treated here with advanced technologies such as haemodialysis

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