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Nuclear medicine involves the use of small amounts of radioactive materials (or tracers) to help diagnose and treat a variety of diseases. Nuclear medicine helps determine the cause of the medical disorder – based on the function of the organ, tissue or bone. Thereby, differing from an x-ray, ultrasound or any other diagnostic test that determines the presence of disease based on structural appearance.

The Nuclear Medicine Department at Manipal Hospitals is the first state-of-the-art department of its kind in the state. It is equipped with the PET CT & Gamma Camera carrying out various Nuclear Medicine procedures. With the most recent instruments & software programs, the department is capable of diagnosing various diseases using Myocardial Perfusion, Bone Scans, Radioisotope Renal Imaging and Thyroid Scans.

PET CT – which was named by TIME magazine as the "Medical Science Invention of the Year" in the year 2000 – is one of the cutting edge technologies used currently in staging, restaging, assessment of treatment response and in follow-up of various types of cancer.

Manipal Nuclear Medicine Features

Our Team

Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore ensures that the best facilities and care is always delivered with exceptional precision. We have the best of doctors – in every field – focused on excelling themselves with superior care, through their expert knowledge in their field.

Treatment & Procedures

The Department of Nuclear Medicine is well equipped with all the requisite equipment. It has a GE 16-slice PET-CT scanner unit that comes with a whole range of features. Various Nuclear Medicine investigations such as Myocardial Perfusion Scan, Radioisotope Bone Scan, Thyroid Scan and Iodine-131 Scans are available at our department.

  • PET CT-Bone Scan
  • PET CT-Cardiac Viability
  • PET CT-FDG Brain
  • PET CT-Whole Body
  • Bone Scan
  • Lung Perfusion Scan
  • Myocardial Perfusion Scan
  • Renal Scan – DMSA
  • Thyroid Scan
  • Whole Body Iodine Scan
  • Samarium-153 Therapy For Bone Mets
  • Thyroid Cancer Treatment Using I-131
  • Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism Using Iodine-131

Therapy Procedures

Therapeutic procedures include the use of radioactive iodine treatment of hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer. Samarium Therapy is provided for painful Bony Metastases. P-32 Therapy is provided for Hematologic Disorders (such as Thrombocytosis). Trans Arterial Radio Embolization (TARE) with Yttrium-90 Microspheres are being used for therapy in primary and metastatic liver cancer patients. Alternate options of treatment of liver cancer using Rhenium is also being planned.

We have been one of the pioneering departments in this country in Radio guided surgery (Sentinel Node Biopsy of early breast cancers, head & neck and gynecological malignancies, Minimally invasive Parathyroid Surgery & ROLL). In the very near future, treatment for Neuroendocrine Tumours with Lutetium-177 Dotatate and Metastatic Prostate Cancers with Lutetium-177 PSMA will also be available in our centre.

Amenities & Facilities

Manipal Hospital is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care services to nursing women and children. Our medical equipment and facilities are at par with world class standards. So, we ensure that you get the highest level of treatment for your health problems. Here at Manipal, we integrate the traditional virtues of hospitality with advanced medical treatment facilities and see to that you get the best care possible. Consultation with our doctors starts with fixing up an appointment either by phone call or by visiting our hospitals in person, after which you will be given a Manipal record file and a unique Identification number, which you can use for your subsequent visits.

Amenities at Manipal hospital are among the best you can ever find in India. Here are some of the essential amenities you can find in our hospitals:

  • Transport-Emergency ambulance services round the clock for immediate pick up/drop.
  • Special Nurse - If any sick or old patient wants special care, we can have a special nurse assist you whenever you need help. Just contact our desk, and we'll arrange a special nurse immediately.
  • Telecommunication - We have computers with internet facilities available at our premises. Hospital phone lines will always be available at your bedside. In case of emergency help, you can contact our receptionists.
  • Travel Desk - In case of any travel related queries; you can contact our travel desk and get the required information.
  • Parking - There is a big parking area that can accommodate hordes of two wheelers and four wheelers. Valet Parking available until 8 PM.
  • ATM or emergency cash withdrawals – We have set up ATM centre for your convenience.
  • Well maintained canteens – Our canteens are equipped with modern canteen facilities where you will get a variety of foods and beverages to refresh yourselves.
  • 24 hours’ service –Complete 24 hours support from NICU and Intensive Care Facilities, Blood Bank, Operation Theatre, Anesthesia and Laboratory Services.


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