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Aryan was born with a charming smile. He was also born with a cardiac anomaly. His heart beat at 35-40 beats per minute, instead of the usual 140 amongst newborns.


Hailing from Shimoga, the baby’s parents realised there was something wrong way before he was born, when they went in for a fetal echocardiography. They had already lost two babies due to complications during pregnancy and now, they’d given up all hope for their 3 rd child too. That is, until they met the doctors at Manipal Hospitals. The doctors convinced the parents to not terminate the pregnancy and promised that they would find a way to cure the little one. Thus, the couple moved to Bangalore, and Aryan was welcomed to this world on January 28 th , 2019.


As suspected, he was born with a hole in his strawberry-sized heart and was immediately moved to the ICU. Considering the baby was just a day old, weighed only 1.6 Kgs and was delivered pre-term, a suitable pacemaker that could be placed in his tiny chest was not available. That’s when our doctors decided to do something unheard of. They placed an order for the smallest pacemaker available in Hong Kong, which arrived 3 days later. The surgery was immediately performed and was a great success.


At just 12.8g, the pacemaker regulates the rhythm of his heart. However, its batteries will run for five years before the boy has to undergo another procedure. Speaking about the case, Dr. Devananda N.S., Chairman, and Consultant HOD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Manipal Hospitals said, “Thanks to the advance neonatal care with multidisciplinary expertise, we were able to send home a healthy 4 day old baby with a septal defect. Timely diagnosis and intervention paid off in saving the baby. However, a lot of people lose their babies due to lack of awareness.”


Aryan’s story proves that some miracles do need a method. And that’s what Manipal Hospitals strives to achieve every single day.


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