Pediatric Kidney Disease And Kidney Transplantation

Posted On Jan 10, 2023

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Dr. Dharshan Rangaswamy

Consultant - Pediatric Nephrology

KMC Hospitals–Mangalore

Pediatric Nephrologist in Mangalore

Children are not small adults and have unique medical needs. Children with kidney disease have reduced life years compared to the general population. Associated co-morbidity, impaired growth and development, low school attendance, and the financial burden involved in care, contribute to poor long-term outcomes. Improving survival, and life participation of children with kidney disease, and providing holistic care are the main aims of the pediatric nephrology division at Manipal hospitals. Capturing the whole child and family, ensuring broad relevance across the patient journey, and providing an affordable, feasible and valid services would be our priorities. Dr. Dharshan Rangaswamy, a pediatric nephrologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the care and treatment of children with kidney diseases and disorders.

Our Mission to provide Individualised Care to Children

To provide the highest individualized care to children with kidney and urinary tract diseases.

The main areas of service offered by the department are:

  • Consultation and Out-Patient Services.

  • Management and care for children with congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract anomalies.

  • Diagnosis and management of Genetic causes of kidney disease.

  • Glomerular and complement pathway-related kidney disease.

  • Tubulopathies and cystic kidney disease.

  • High blood pressure and related conditions.

  • Enuresis and Bed-wetting clinics.

  • Acute kidney injury care and management.

  • Kidney biopsy and other diagnostic procedures.

  • End-stage kidney failure procedures such as establishing access and starting dialysis.

  • Living-related and deceased donor kidney transplantation.

  • Support to the surgical team involved in urological procedures.

Division of Paediatric Nephrology: Much-Needed Sub-Speciality

Childhood kidney diseases are specific and distinct from adults, such as the etiology; of their impact, as represent variables not only influence the health of the patient during childhood but also have an impact on the life of the adult that this child will become. Moreover, it has a great psychosocial impact on the patient and his family. The parents not only have to fulfill the role of parents but also take on many tasks we normally associate with nurses and doctors. The incidence and prevalence of kidney ailments in children have significantly increased in recent years owing to improved recognition and disease survival from the markedly improved treatment of kidney disease, respectively. An estimated prevalence of 120-160 per million of the age-related population (map) of children has kidney ailments. To get the best pediatric kidney transplant in Mangalore, visit Manipal Hospital, Mangalore.

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The above image gives an idea of how chronic kidney diseases are developing among children. The real impact of chronic kidney disease in children from developing countries is often under-recognized owing to the lack of pediatric renal services, accessibility to renal replacement therapy, and poor healthcare resource allocation. Dr. Dharshan Rangaswamy, having trained extensively in Australia and India specializes in diagnostic evaluations, medical treatments, and follow-up monitoring for children who suffer from the entire spectrum of kidney and urinary diseases. In collaboration with the best pediatric nephrologist in Mangalore from other medical disciplines, including psychologists, social workers, dietitians, and rehabilitation therapists, management is customized to each child and family’s unique needs. We focus on improving the child’s overall quality of life and treat with compassion to promote full healing, not just the disease. Our team includes qualified paediatric nephrologists, nurses, dialysis technicians, dietitians, and support from allied health – all specially trained to treat children. 

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