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There are three types of anesthesia; local, regional, and general. Local anesthesia is specific; a small area of the body is numbed while one is conscious or awake. Regional anesthesia is administered to numb a specific region of nerves in the body. The patient may be awake/ conscious or receive a sedative for light sleep during the operation. The patient may remember parts of the procedure but should be free of pain. General anesthesia is a state of regulated unconsciousness that results in a loss of body sensation through anesthetic drugs, such as gases or vapors inhaled through a mask or breathing tube or drugs given through an IV. It is rare for patients to have any memory during general anesthesia. To know more visit the best anesthesiology hospital in Hebbal Bangalore.

Between epidural and spinal techniques, the epidural technique has a shorter time to insert than the spinal. 

The duration of spinal analgesia is limited in nature, and it lasts only between 60 to 120 minutes. Get detailed knowledge by consulting with the best doctors at the anesthesiology hospital in Hebbal Bangalore.

In the case of both non-surgical and surgical procedures, generally, PAC is conducted before the delivery of anaesthesia. The key purpose of running PAC is to assess the patient’s known co-morbidities and diagnose any unknown co-morbidities that could indirectly or directly impact the patient’s perioperative management.

The perioperative period refers to the period before, during, and after a surgical procedure.

Palliative patient care helps manage severe or life-threatening medical conditions via pain alleviation and addressing accompanying psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms.  It is a specialized medical care field for persons with serious illnesses, such as cancer or heart ailment. Patients in palliative care could be provided medical care to relieve their symptoms or palliative care, as well as treatment directed towards curing the severe illness they are battling. Get the best treatment at the top anesthesiology hospital in Hebbal Bangalore.

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