Care Tips: Post Abortion Procedure

Posted On Dec 03, 2021

Tips for Post-Abortion Care

Starting or ending a pregnancy is a critical moment for a couple in their family planning journey. A pregnancy may end for many reasons including health conditions. In any which way, the process can cause psychological distress for the mother, leading to depression, grief, anger and a sense of loss for taking such a drastic step. But post the abortion procedure, the required care should be taken by the woman so that in the future, she has the capacity to have a child without any health-related complications.

Abortion, also known as termination of pregnancy, is a process that ends your pregnancy cycle. The procedure can lead to cramps and quick exhaustion of the body. The person who undergoes abortion might have severe back pains, blood loss, for a few might cause depression and, in a few cases, it can lead to further complications in the future. These signs can be controlled with proper care, and those are:

Change in diet: Eat foods that can retain your lost energy. Consume lots of green leaves, dry fruits, dry ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, milk. As abortion can lead to hormonal imbalances avoid foods that can aggravate your condition. Avoid junk foods, sugar-based drinks and foods, and skip food items that can cool your body down like Potatoes, raw bananas, bottle guards.

Avoid Heavy-duty works: Skip works that involve too much weight lifting, like washing clothes, utensils, lifting water buckets and such

Consume warm water: Your body might feel dehydrated post-abortion. So consume warm water to avoid constipation and to keep yourself hydrated

Body massage to reduce pains: Warm mustard or sesame oil can help in reducing pains or cramps post-abortion. So massage your body, especially your feet and palms to reduce the pain and to produce heat into your body.

Use hot bags: Post-abortion, you might have cramps in your body. Using hot bags can reduce the pain.

Emotional stress: Few women might deal with emotional depression post-abortion, this can be managed with proper care from family and friends, and counselling.

Take in extra vitamins: As per your doctor’s advice take multi-vitamins like iron, calcium and other basic vitamins that can help you restore your energy.

Avoid pregnancy: After abortion maintains a minimum gap of 6 months to 1 year before having another pregnancy. This will help in dealing with the recovery of health and will put any complications at bay.

Do not panic if your period cycle is delayed: Due to blood loss and hormonal imbalances, your periods might be delayed. So by taking care of your health, your periods might start after 2-3 months of abortion. So do not panic and take all healthy precautions

Avoid intercourse with your partner: Skip intercourse with your partner till the time you have totally recovered. As you might have vagina bleeding post-abortion, healing might get delayed with intercourse.

Go for regular medical e-check-ups: Continue to meet your gynaecologist post-abortion for a regular check on your health. Opt for e-checks, rather than going to the hospital. This will help you to keep a tab on your healthy recovery.

As easy as it seems, abortion is a painful procedure. Take all the required precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy.

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